Silent Hope Review (Switch) | Hey Poor Player

SIlent Hope does have its charms, to be sure, but the sheer amount of potentially cool things that it could have done (and didn’t do) may leave you feeling more frustrated than anything.

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Silent Hope - PC Review - Thumb Culture

Silent Hope - PC Review PC Reviews - Seven heroes means seven chances to have fun in the abyss. Will you face it alone or with this review?

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The anime-styled ARPG “Silent Hope” is now available for PC and the Nintendo Switch

"Marvelous Europe today released their intriguing new action-RPG, "Silent Hope", on the Nintendo Switch™ system in Europe and Australia and Windows PC via Steam worldwide through XSEED Games." - Marvelous Europe.


Review - Silent Hope (Switch) | WayTooManyGames

WTMG's Fernando da Costa: "Yes, Silent Hope isn’t profound, but what it does manage is being stupid fun. The loot grind, when paired with a silky combat system, makes for an enjoyable romp of treasure hunting. Sure, it’s not going to win Game of the Year Awards and won’t redefine Action RPGs, but it accomplishes something I think is more important. It’s a bloody good adventure and has a concept that I hunger to see honed and improved upon for a possible sequel."

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