il-JumperMT66d ago

TIL: All of sony data is 6k files. guess they use flat files for everything hahaha


Prime Gaming Reveals December 2023 Offerings

Prime Gaming December Content Update

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Cross Blitz Delivers Big with Early Access Release

Cards, pirates, and cartoon lions come together with the early access release of Cross Blitz, an adorable CCG with surprising depth.

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PlayStation Store End of Year sale offers PS5 games from just $4 — here’s 15 deals I’d buy now

Hogwarts Legacy, Dead Space and more are discounted

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poppatron18h ago

These picks aren’t that great, obviously it’s entirely subjective but still

roadkillers17h ago

Control is $9. There's a lot of good games. It's just weird seeing games 5+ years old going on sale for $20. Back in the early 2000s, if a 5 year old game was on sale it would be under $5 at walmart.

Mr Logic14h ago

$11 in the year 2000 is $20 today adjusted for inflation.

FinalFantasyFanatic14h ago

Ever since the pandemic ended, I think developers are less willing to give good discounts, there's a few I've been waiting on good deals for, but 4 or 5 years later, they're not hitting below $50 (aussie dollars). Nintendo in particular are guilty of this, especially for their first party games.

BrainSyphoned16h ago

Mostly a whole bunch of titles from the subscriptions of the world at not cheap prices.

DickyD122614h ago(Edited 14h ago)

Literally read the title wrong and thought it was a list. That's what I get for trying to post articles first thing in the morning.

Amplitude5h ago

Rift Apart for 30 bucks is pretty good. Everything else here is either barely a discount or has been free on PS+

Angyobangyo27m ago

There are no free games on PS+, you're paying for a subscription service to play games.

Duke197h ago(Edited 7h ago)

I love browsing the PS store constantly, but the “sales” are pretty constantly shit imo. It’s always the same games on “discount”. I think better PS5 deals are found elsewhere for games.

Opening this list with Hogwarts Legacy at $47 tells you all you need to know

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