Seamless Space Travel in Starfield Is Now Available, Thanks to New Mod

A new quality-of-life mod for Starfield finally allows you to seamlessly travel from space to planet, no fast travel (and load times) needed.

arkard239d ago

Bethesda is incompetent. Any other developer would be crucified for not putting out a game current with the times.

anast239d ago

They did this on purpose to save money.

StarkR3ality239d ago

I think it's due to engine limitations and having to focus on console primarily. If this was a PC only title it would be a different beast.

anast239d ago

It is impossible to be this confusing. Not using a new engine was done on purpose. Focusing on consoles was done on purpose. Not making it exclusive to PC was done on purpose.

solideagle238d ago

I read it as "Shameless" Space Travel in Starfield Is Now Available...lol

I can assure you guys, I did change my eye glasses few months ago :)

Obscure_Observer238d ago (Edited 238d ago )

"Bethesda is incompetent. Any other developer would be crucified for not putting out a game current with the times."

Did you even watched the video, dude?

Honestly? I don´t think you even played the game, so how can you have an opinion about something you don´t know sh!t?

This "seamless" space travel mod do nothing but BREAK the freaking game!

There´s a reason why ships has different defense, weapon and engine systems. This mod allows you to travel so fast with your standard engines in a way which makes space combats unplayable.

arkard238d ago

Own the game, thanks. My statement stands. Modders are fixing almost every complaint people have about the game, and that's even without access to the full modding tools. If any other developer relied on mods to fix their game they would be review bombed and not given a chance.

phoenixwing239d ago (Edited 239d ago )

Pc was the only reason I bought this game because I knew mods would clean up Bethesda mess

phoenixwing239d ago

I also need to clarify. I got this game free with my cpu purchase from amd. But I did technically buy it.

Obscure_Observer238d ago

"Pc was the only reason I bought this game because I knew mods would clean up Bethesda mess"


Why don´t you download this mod and come back here to tell us how it trashed your game?

I´ll wait!

Rizzgawd239d ago

Imagine buying Bethesda games on anything but PC

fsfsxii239d ago

PC gamers buy a broken car and fix it themselves

VariantAEC238d ago

And they buy that beatee of a car at new car MSRPs only to fix it to feel good about it. That's nice... but does anyone really enjoy being forced to do things like that?

PC gamers are forced to eat the chaff to get to the cream... and they all claim it's great.

CappyBlack239d ago (Edited 239d ago )

Not getting the Starfield hate. Been a long time player of Bethesda games. Going all the way back to Morrowind as a kid. This is their first release since then that actually impressed me and really got me sucked into the game. They got back to actual roleplaying with this one.

lucian229239d ago

You really don't get the hate? I'm guessing you didn't bother reading why lmao. Modders already fixing the game for free, fixing things within a few weeks of launch, alone and unpaid while a dev team being paid over he course of ten years can't do what that solo modder can do.

Pathetic. Not to mention the game just isn't very good

CappyBlack239d ago

Sorry the game isn't your particular cup of tea. Go play something else then, instead of just downplaying the game every chance you get. In the meantime, I'll be enjoying the game. Alongside millions of others. No mods required, though I will be partaking in the future.

lucian229239d ago

It isn't about being a cup of tea, it's about the laziness of Bethesda. Why is it a single modder can make seamless exploration so quickly yet a full dev team can't why is it a single modder was able to make a high res HD pack of the game already? Why is it there are so many load times, such bad sound direction, repeat caves that are the same on one planet as they are on the other? Why do you think it is the game sits at 60% user score on meta critic?

Because Bethesda makes games now with the intent of not finishing them and having free workers finish the game for them with mods. That's why.

CappyBlack239d ago

It's a 6.6 on only user reviews because people like you go to metacritic and give the game a 0 of 10 because it didn't release on your console of choice. I have no issue with how the game was designed, I enjoy what Bethesda offered me with Starfield. Many others have as well.
It's one of the biggest releases of the year. You can either get on board or not. Doesn't change the fact it's a good game that many people are enjoying.

Vits238d ago

Well, you are on N4G and this is an Xbox exclusive. So you will, by default see much more negativity than in other places. Just by the sheer number of PS fanboys that use this place.

Go to any other major gaming forum and the discussion is much more tame. This mod is a perfect example, being called "fixing" here but in reality, it is one of those mods that if anything proves why that particular feature is not in the base game. It crashes terribly with the sheer size of the map and therefore was consciously omitted by design.

And don't get me wrong. There have always been mods that fix real issues or improve on certain points in Bethesda's games. But this is not one of them.

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