Cyberpunk 2077: Phantom Liberty Review - IGN

Cyberpunk 2077: Phantom Liberty feels like the game CD Projekt Red set out to make all those years ago, and marks a truly great, original entry into the cyberpunk genre.

Ezio204872d ago

Meta 91 and OpenCritic 90
Gamespot 10

What a comeback! CDPR really is the best in making DLCs.

Workshyskiver72d ago

If they didn't release the original game on the old consoles I don't think the game would have the reputation that it does as the next gen versions were 'fine'. Glad to see it start to get the recognition the game deserves.

neutralgamer199272d ago (Edited 72d ago )


I agree with your comment if they had focused only on next generation consoles game would have been received better but it wasn’t fine by any means. It still needed work

Case and point being update 2.0

If anything, the lesson from this should be not to announce a game or years in advance

Sashamaz72d ago

Last gen had nothing to do with the missing advertised features, the lack of police chases, and the half done story. The different starting backgrounds which did not really change much.

I like the game however lets not pretend last gen was the cause of poor writing and unfinished gameplay elements. Many games have been released on both last gen and current gen and have done just fine.

Blaming the last-gen consoles must be some type of coping mechanism.

Seraphim72d ago

@Sashamaz - except, last gen was why Cyberpunk got hit so hard. The performance issues alone [on last gen] caused most, if not all of the negative views and hate. It is the sole reason CP77 had to dig its own grave at launch. Performance, or lack thereof in last gen versions. The side missions, writing, etc, were all reasonably decent. Shit, some of those side missions were terrific.

Do yourself a favor and try digging up some last gen footage from when this game released. It was horrific. NPC faces/assets not loading in, pop in, stuttering, etc. Personally, outside a few hiccups, the type I see in games from time to time, the game was great on PS5 at launch; at least from a performance and playability perspective. But make no mistake, it was last gen that butchered this game, and it was so bad they had zero business releasing it going as far to even state as much after the fact.

-Foxtrot72d ago (Edited 72d ago )

A lot of sites, including IGN, gave the main game a 9/10

StarkR3ality72d ago

Can't wait to play this, Well done CDPR!

crazyCoconuts72d ago

Glad I held onto my original game discs. Only reason I did was that they were practically worthless on eBay after i finished the game it wasn't worth selling them.

RaidenBlack72d ago

I find Gamespot's Phantom Liberty 10/10 review to be much more exciting.
IGN famously gave CP2077 a near perfect 9/10 upon release, only for Gamespot's 7/10 review to point out the faults in the original release.
IGN then had to push out another review dubbed 'console review' to actually point out the faults as well.
Gamespot's 7/10 to 10/10 transformation is much more rewarding.

RhinoGamer8872d ago

All, finished the main story last year (saw four different endings). For the expansion, for those who finished it previously, what are your playthrough plans? Start new - play from a previous save - play PL as your end game character?

Ezio204872d ago

I will play as end game character. Did platinum. Don't have the patience to go through that again.

P_Bomb72d ago

I recently replayed it and will treat this as end game. Have 1.5 million eddies, the guns I want and the style I need, lol! Good to go.

anast71d ago

I'm going to create a new character and explore all of the changes then move to Phantom Liberty.

mkis00772d ago

Glad i purchased a ps5 copy during a sale...will have to get back into it.

ravens5271d ago (Edited 71d ago )

I want a physical* ps5 copy, hope they make current gen versions.