Oblivion Remaster, Dishonored 3, DOOM Year Zero and More Bethesda Games Leaked via Release Schedule

Thanks to leaked FTC documents, Microsoft's Bethesda Games line up has leaked! Mentions Oblivion Remaster, Dishonored 3 and more.

RaidenBlack12d ago

Oblivion Remaster aand Fallout 3 Remaster? Damn!
Was expecting the rumoured Quake Reboot instead of another Doom from id. Maybe one of the codenamed ones is the rumoured Quake Reboot?
Good to see Dishonored 3 though ...

lelo2play12d ago

Would be better if they were Remakes... but I'll accept Remaster.

DefenderOfDoom212d ago (Edited 12d ago )

Yeah I was thinking the same thing as far as a new QUAKE game being under a code name . If they are working on a new Quake reboot I imagine it will possibly be released in 2024;

MrDead12d ago

Are all these legacy multiplatform titles banned form competing systems or are gamers still allowed to play them on the platform of their choice?

343_Guilty_Spark12d ago

They will be available on that PC that always gets talked about

Vits12d ago (Edited 12d ago )

Well, if we want to be pedantic.
Most of those are legacy PC IPs not multiplatform. And you are going to be able to play on PC.

The exception is Ghostwire Tokyo which was born exclusively to a single console/PC and now changed which console that is. And Dishonored that was truly multiplatform from the beginning and now is not.

MrDead12d ago (Edited 12d ago )

Dooms been on Playstation since 1995... and all the games listed that where on console, wasn't PS Bethesdas number 1 console platform for sales?

PrinceOfAnger12d ago

Same as Final fantasy and SFV etc.

MrDead12d ago

Are those single games the same as $80 billion of multiplatform publishers and all the future titles?

shinoff218312d ago

Square left Nintendo cause they were stubborn. Square decided to fk with sony. Xbox has had 2 final fantasy mainline games, I'll even add 2 of the worse ones at that and now tour missing out on something. It's not even close to the argument you think your making. Prince

Vits12d ago

That is literally years after it was conceptualized and released on PC... So time doesn't matter, the original platform doesn't matter but sales numbers matter to define what a legacy a title.... Got it, I don't particularly agree but I can see how it's a very convenient narrative to go for when we had a single company controlling almost 80% of the market at some point and therefore having almost everything being released and selling best on their garden.

MrDead12d ago (Edited 12d ago )

"That is literally years after it was conceptualized and released on PC" ...just under two years, Dec 93 on PC Nov 95 on PlayStation, it's been part of PS for 28 years.
As for PS having 80% of the market, do you think thats because MS ignored its own platform for a generation and a half?

shinoff218312d ago

Are you talking doom on ps1, cause Nintendo and sega were around back then

thesoftware73012d ago (Edited 12d ago )


Man, this argument is so old now...get over it, deal with it, run from it, dread it.... but most of all, STFU about it lol.

Time to move on, we know already, that they paid for pubs to take games from Sony, and Sony's exclusive deals are different, and da best..blah, blah, bah lol.

MrDead12d ago

...then why comment?.. why are you here?

"and Sony's exclusive deals are different different, and da best..blah, blah, bah lol" whats that got to do with MS buying and banning $80 billion of publishers from competition?.. whats your comment got to do with anything that adds to the thread?

...are you ok, do you need a helper to call?

shinoff218312d ago


You don't have to read his comments. Pretty cool you took time out of your day to tell him off though. Thumbs up buddy

thesoftware73012d ago (Edited 12d ago )

Mr Dead and Shin,

Another lame response, "you don't have to read the comments". I do read the comments, and the argument is tired now, move on to some new shit, this has been being said for how long now?

@Shin, yes I do take small bite size moments out of my day to read game news, browse and sometimes comment...not as much as some of you, but I do. I never said he or you shouldn't comment, I read his "broken record" argument and decided to comment on that. It's kinda silly to say I shouldn't read his comments, how would I know what he said if I didn't lol? We are all here reading comments. Just like you took the time to comment on mine...👍🏿.

Remember, I only commented on his same "old shit" comment...not that he shouldn't comment.

FinalFantasyFanatic12d ago

Ignore the Xbox, get a PC, or a Steam Deck (or one of the SD competitors).

DefenderOfDoom212d ago (Edited 12d ago )

I think any new DOOM or Quake game will come out on most platforms.

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andy8512d ago

Urgh I love Dishonored so much. Hope this is true

RupeeHoarder12d ago

This is a pretty underwhelming list if accurate.

Zeref12d ago

What are you on about? What more could you want in the next few years from Bethesda?

FinalFantasyFanatic12d ago

I want that Doom Zero game, as long as they don't screw it up.

LightofDarkness12d ago

I really hope it’s a loving homage to the original games with new Doom gameplay elements.

FinalFantasyFanatic11d ago

I'm just happy with the game play of 2016 and Eternal, if it's anything like that it should be fine.

Tapani12d ago (Edited 12d ago )

This leak has massive consequences. Surely these types of 8 year roadmaps change every year, but this gives competition a lot to play with. FTC can't really be in trouble and at the same time MS has to be furious. Surely, this will be the topic of the hour in the next weeks, can't wait for Digital Foundry's thoughts on this.