This is Microsoft’s new disc-less Xbox Series X design with a new controller

Microsoft’s mid-cycle Xbox Series X refresh has a whole new shape

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Workshyskiver12d ago

Looks like a Sonos speaker. I like it but wonder if it has a stand or a way of sitting horizontal.

Eonjay12d ago

I know we are biased by the angle but it look like it just sits vertical. The price at $499.99 looks like a combination of cost saving (down to 6nm) and they brought back up with 2TB although I expect that Microsoft comes out the winner here overall. Another plus is the is the reduced power draw and improved controller. No real 'power' advantage over the original unit. Microsoft said no refresh so that was a lie. This may not be more powerful but it is clearly a refresh and ultimately if you are in the market for one I would wait until next year.

How does Sony respond to this? Microsoft is predicting the PS5Slim is launching at $399. Does this peg the Pro at $499. Also, the picture comparison makes the New X look really strikingly small.

Workshyskiver12d ago

Sony are releasing their new refresh model later this year, its not really a big difference from the current model but has the parts going through compliance testing now. Refresh doesnt always mean a Ps5 Pro or Xbox One X style improvement.

VenomUK12d ago (Edited 12d ago )

The Verge’s Tom Warren with the ‘scoop’.

darthv7212d ago

The look and shape of the system is interesting... im looking forward to more info on the controller improvements.

FinalFantasyFanatic12d ago

A refresh often means a reduction in size, less parts, or improved efficiency, like a slim model, it's more like Series X 1.2 or 1.5, and that's fine. Not really surprised they made a disc less model, I'm more surprised that it took them this long to put one on the market.

I'm not a fan of the shape, but there's only so many ways to make a box, it really does look like a Sonos speaker and could probably blend in with one.

Zeref12d ago

They were talking about a midgen upgrade. This is just a redesign.

It's not a lie lol.

There's no midgen upgrade planned

darthv7212d ago (Edited 12d ago )

MS said no mid gen upgrade... they never said no refresh. Pretty much all consoles go through some sort of design change in their time. The OG xbox did not get one as they pulled the plug on it after only 4 years otherwise it was going to get one to reduce its overall size. They instead focused on the 360 that was coming out.

what caught my eye was how they will offer XDL versions of this new X. Using the xbox design lab to make a custom themed series x would be so cool. I have a few of the controllers from them.

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1Victor12d ago (Edited 12d ago )

I wonder what Xbox fans here will say now that the new controller ditched the battery for a new rechargeable one.
In any case welcome to the 21st century Xbox controller 🥰

Workshyskiver12d ago

I'd rather they had kept the battery system they had. Much better to just buy a couple of charging packs and swap them out when they needed changing for me personally.

thesoftware73012d ago

My Elite 2 has a rechargeable battery, that lasts for 40hr+ of gaming.

All my standard Xbox controllers have (sold separately) rechargeable batteries. I also have rechargeable AA batteries that can be used with them. I never heard anyone complain about Xbox batteries. That was a Sony problem; thier controllers have not so great battery life.

darthv7212d ago

It says rechargeable and swappable. Which is pretty much the same as now. User replaceable is always a better choice than built in. Basically they dropped the Duracell for a play and charge kit.

InUrFoxHole12d ago

I'd rather have the option for batteries but also hope it lasts longer than 3-5hrs

FinalFantasyFanatic12d ago

Congrats, now they use rechargeables like everyone else, the only other solution might be to make it so that it takes both swap-able batteries and a rechargeable like the 8 Bitdo Pro 2 (I love that controller).

wiz719112d ago

@Ivictor I mean anybody with common sense would have went out a bought rechargeable batteries , didn’t the 360 have a rechargeable battery pack ?? lol it’s good for them to finally include one out of the box

vikingland112d ago

It's always better to be able to easily change batteries. Remember the good ol days when it was fairly easy to change batteries in our phones? It's the same thing here, options are good.

VincentVanBro12d ago

Been using an Elite controller w/ the best rechargeable battery life in the industry for like 7 years now lol try to keep up

autobotdan12d ago

Rechargable and RESWAPPABLE. Its different than Playststion. It might still have a option for AA batteries

Smellsforfree12d ago

Old controllers didn't come with any battery. Rechargeable is an option for the end user. Also, I value replaceability.

CobraKai12d ago

Brought back memories of my 360 rechargeable battery pack. It would burn out in a few months to a year. I like being able to use rechargeable AA batteries.

ThinkThink12d ago

I would prefer they keep it as is as well. I like the option to swap out rechargeable AAs.

fr0sty12d ago

The controller is interesting... they basically copied the DualSense, but I still see no mention of haptic triggers (only haptic feedback, DS has both) or a gyro sensor, only an accelerometer. I do really like the concept of external rechargeable batteries, though.

tbagmonster11d ago

replaceable is the key word there

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Sonic188112d ago

What about the Xbox elite 3 controller

Duke1912d ago (Edited 12d ago )

I actually think it looks pretty slick. Much better than the current square block imo.

I hate digital only consoles though with a passion tho

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shadowT12d ago

Haptic Feedback! Finally the new Xbox Controller can compete with the PS5 Dualsense.

Stanjara12d ago (Edited 12d ago )

The more consoles use haptics, the better haptics will become and have more support.

Finally Xbox will address stupid AA battery controller.

The best thing that they do at the moment... make controllers.

Abear2112d ago

They are a great hardware company they just suck at innovating because it’s all about cost and margins. There are so lttp with these features it’s comical. And let me guess, the standard SSD and haptics are optional for devs to use but that Series S version is still ball and chained to the X. Yup, good ol M$

Rude-ro12d ago

Because their trash elites say otherwise.
Looks/feels great…
I have yet to have one last more than 6 months.
And I know, the “mine has not had a problem” people will say something..
But the courts say otherwise by forcing longer warranties on Microsoft.

PhillyDonJawn12d ago (Edited 12d ago )

I wont be using haptics. Effects skill and a battery drainer. I'm sure this will still take AA. It says swappable recharge battery. So it look like the play and charge kit is included which is compatible with AA. There's nothing stupid about AA controller. It's more convenient than a built in battery. Once the battery has reached its life you just replace it with a new rechargeable AAs vs getting a whole new controller or have to ship product.

crazyCoconuts12d ago

I'm surprised they're adding such major features mid-gen. Sony made such a big deal about mandating DualSense for PS5 games and I think they push for each game to make use of it.
Introducing this mid-gen creates fragmentation - will be interesting to see how MS encourages game devs to make use of it despite there being a small % of users with the controllers, at least out of the gate.
Better late than never i guess, but copying PS years later in the middle of the gen... jeez... i don't know