Payday 3 Trophy List Revealed

Payday 3 Trophy List Revealed. Check out all 23 trophies & achievements for Payday 3.

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Payday 3 Offline Mode Is Being Looked Into by Starbreeze Amid Server Troubles

Given the rough launch, Starbreeze intends to implement "some sort" of Payday 3 offline mode to fix the matchmaking issues.

Pedantic912h ago

Why are offline modes for online only games so rare ?
MMOs i get, but surely a game as compact as a FPS/TPS/(shooters in general) with objectives to fulfill could have an offline option with bots shipped day one. Instead the only times offline "might" be considered is if there are issues with whatever online implementation you're using.

QuantumMechanic20m ago(Edited 19m ago)

Developers of these games don't actually want to provide an offline mode. Always-online functionality serves the secondary purpose of DRM.


Payday 3 Update for Oct. 5 to Bring Over 200 Bug Fixes, Remastering Old Maps Not Ruled Out

The Payday 3 update for October 5 will house over 200 bug fixes. Starbreeze also comments on remastering old maps and more.


How to Level Up in Payday 3 - Earn XP Fast

The more progress you make in Payday 3, the greater access you'll have to weapons and skills. Here's how to level up and reap the rewards.