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Eternights Review - Occasionally rough around the edges, but there is a charming JRPG within that fans of the genre are sure to enjoy.


Review: Eternights | Console Creatures

Bobby says, "Eternights is an excellent first outing for Studio Sai, but it's held back by overly perverse characters and predictable story beats."

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Eternights Review (PS5) – Persona Meets Action In A Charming Dating-Sim RPG - PSU

Mixing Persona with real-time combat, Eternights delivers a robust package with charming characters, intimate romance, quirky writing, vibrant visuals, and an engaging gameplay loop. Despite its flaws, Eternights makes a valiant effort in being one of the many games you will enjoy this year, and is a must play for RPG fans!


This Persona-Inspired Dating Sim's Ending Is Worth The Bumpy Ride - Kotaku

Eternights can be rough at times, but reaching its great conclusion is still worth it.

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