Starfield Ship Has Unattached Modules: How To Fix

For those having issues with that annoying Ship has unattached modules error when building ships in Starfield, there's this guide that really helped me out - was getting really frustrated with this building a large ship...

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ZeekQuattro3d ago

Never thought of that. It's not uncommon for a module to appear to snap into place only for it not to be in reality.

thatgamingguy2d ago

Yeah me neither, was honestly stuck for far too long than I'd rather say.

rippermcrip2d ago

Once you have selected all parts, you can move the whole ship to a different spot. The unattached part gets left behind.


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darthv722h ago

some of the stuff people come up with in this game is pretty crazy. I've seen a hamburger ship and a semi w/trailer ship.

2h ago
Obscure_Observer2h ago

This is trully amazing!

I´m having a hard time building ships, but I´m getting better at it.

It´s a slow but pleasant learning curve.

Tacoboto1h ago

It's also amazing how persistently bitter others are that people enjoy this game.

Really shows the difference between gamers who care about having fun and those who care about petty tribalism.

I just hit 40 hours playtime, and I couldn't be having a better time despite having a similar struggle upgrading my ship. At level 22 I've spent my last 3 skill points on Ship-related Skills (quicker turns, higher shield capacity, next up is access to improved parts).

If you sell your planet survey data to Vladimir in the Eye, he'll give you a higher price than the Trade Authority. Tonight I'm planning on more ship upgrades and Constellation mission board quests.

Lighter933m ago

I completely agree. Sell planet survey data? Whaaaat?!

dumahim30m ago(Edited 28m ago)

Wait until you unlock class C ships, but find out there's more ship parts you can't access because they're locked behind a level gate. There's not much info about what unlocks when and where. Just the good stuff doesn't unlock until level 60.

Also, about the planet survey data. I had heard that the book seller in Akila gave the most for the survey data.

Tacoboto19m ago

@Lighter ohh yes. I got survey data from over half of the Eridani system's planets and moons - Vladimir gave me over 6700 credits for just one alone. You have to converse with him first about Artifacts before selling to him becomes an option.

He ran out of money before I even sold half of the survey data. It was a long journey trying to find the Solar Storm Season evidence in the system but very fruitful at the end - 9000c just for that discovery alone plus all that data.

If you're stuck in that Constellation Mission Board task trying to find that specific "planet", DM me and I'll tell you the right place to look.

dumahim31m ago

Ship building can be such a pain sometimes. You spend so much time making changes, trying things out, moving things around, to put it all together and be left with that 1 error for unattached modules. Can you point me to it? Of course not.

Tacoboto11m ago

You can only flip parts, you can't rotate them or even flip them in quarter increments.

Why can this rectangular cargo expansion only pin to a left or right side? Why can't this long rectangular cargo expansion rotate to be a wide rectangular cargo expansion?

ZeekQuattro1m ago

I only learned in recent days but if you click to highlight everything just move your ship. The unattached piece will reveal itself soon enough .

Crows9025m ago

That's nice. What's he get for the hard work in the game?

I know outposts in fallout would have the occasional defend against bandits thing. Does starfield have that or did they dumb that down too?

got_dam11m ago

Hell yeah, Man. Fuck that guy for having fun in a video game.

Tacoboto3m ago

Crow will never play the game but you will spot him in every article complaining about it


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