UGO: Meteos Wars Review

UGO writes: "Q Entertainment's (formerly) Nintendo DS-exclusive Meteos re-wrote the script for block-dropping puzzle games. It's a sort of anti-Connect Four, tasking players with matching blocks only after they've hit the dirt. Now we have Meteos Wars for Xbox Live Arcade. While it's fundamentally the same game, the absence of the DS's touch control proves to be a near-insurmountable burden. For a game which so focuses on quick thinking and quicker reflexes, the 360 gamepad's analog stick twirling cannot hope to replace the tap anywhere functionality of the DS.

It's easy to be overwhelmed by all of the pretty colors in the foreground and background alike when firing up Meteos Wars for the first time. Every round starts with several rows of blocks filling the bottom of the playing field, further adding to the sensory overload. Once you realize what's going on however, the concept is actually pretty simple."

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