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greenlynxx4594d ago

That is a great video and has rekindled somewhat my lagging excitement for this game. The game looks gorgeous though I am a little concerned at the pacing (possibly too slow). Overall it does look promising.

4594d ago
hydrog4594d ago

Because i just came all over these.

OutLaw4594d ago

The game looks great. There is no doubt that the 360 is starting to show what it can do.

FamoAmo4594d ago

I thought they were releasing a demo for this game? It looks good but without playing a demo I don't know how I will like the gameplay!! I guess I will wait for the review!

USMChardcharger4594d ago

from videos before this, the A.I. was a concern. i hope that is not an issue anymore.

i want this game to be good. looks fun and from what M$ has indicated there are no plans for ever doing a Mechassualt game again.

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