New Resident Evil 4 VR Mode Screenshots Released

New Resident Evil 4 VR Mode screenshots have been released by Capcom, showcasing the PSVR 2 edition in rich detail.

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poppatron73d ago

I enjoyed village in vr but always thought it had this weird unstable feeling, like everything vibrated and generally felt a little unstable. Hopefully this irons out all the kinks. Really buzzing I never got it when it came out, the og one on the GameCube held a space in my top 10 games ever so I’m super excited to play it through again

Babadook773d ago (Edited 73d ago )

Unstable? I just finished Village and played it off and on for many months. I never found it to be unstable. It could be an issue with the room you use as your play space not having enough tracking surfaces? If that’s it you could add posters etc to the walls. If you mean the reprojection, I could see it, as it’s running at 60 fps native.

CrimsonWing6973d ago

Yea I was thinking that or he just watched a YouTube playthrough where it does that jittery look, which oddly isn’t the experience in the head set.

Ratchet2372d ago

Quick question
IS there an option to make reloading easier on VR?
I have been told Resident evil village was pretty hard on psvr2 because of it

Babadook772d ago (Edited 72d ago )


Yes. From the main menu you can enable one button reload and other ease of use features.

But, I highly recommend just learning how to reload with your hands and getting good at it. It really adds immersion and nuance to boss battles, and it isn’t really hard, you just have to reload in key moments.

Profchaos73d ago (Edited 73d ago )

I also played it from beginning to end and I didn't get that feeling my overall thoughts boiled down to it being probably my favourite VR game to date and if you told me this was a vr game from the ground up I would have belived it. There's clear limitations in the world not everything can be interacted with like a traditional vr game but what can be is excellent. Reloading is the most satisfying feeling I've ever had in a vr game to date including pavlov.

Despite not being a vr developer Capcom somehow put most VR dev teams to shame.

@crimson if it's the social screen output I'd believe it however as it's clearly not the most robust implementation to date given the headset each foviated rendering deficit is far easier to notice given it's not obviously using eye tracking on the social screen meaning the output is noticeably worse to the non player something that's impossible to noticing headset

poppatron68d ago

When I say unstable I mean the graphics, even compared to something like saints and sinners (which is awesome by the way) where the world feels completely solid and stable. When I play village it’s like the edges of things aren’t completely stable. It’s not stopped me enjoying it don’t get me wrong. I feel like all the trailers I saw of the psvr version looked better than the game did itself. Idk. I’m shocked no one agrees to be honest. I’m playing no man’s sky now and it isn’t as detailed as village but even that feels more stable and solid. Saints and sinners has a completed different art style but I actually prefer how it looks personally, it’s much cleaner.

I still have high hopes for resi 4 vr though, I’ll be there day one

Profchaos68d ago

@poppatron I think what you're noticing is reprojection it's a method used to increase the frame rate and can lead to ghosting some people are more perceptible to it personally I don't notice it at all it's not in all games however. Games like red matter 2 and the the no man's sky update don't feature it and have natively high frame rates due to the lack of this technique combined with foviated rendering

anast73d ago

You are seeing the future of gaming folks. I appreciate being a part of it.

Babadook773d ago

Indeed. I feel like I’m privileged to play next gen stuff today when games take advantage of the hardware with AAA quality.

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generic-user-name73d ago

Hats off to Capcom for supporting PSVR continuously for 6+ years now. Bethesda were the only other 3rd party publisher who were really pushing for VR until they were acquired by the anti-VR MS. Hopefully more will come, Sony, get out your wallet and start getting VR modes into more mainstream AAA titles.

Profchaos73d ago

I really hope there's still a chance Bethesda can show psvr2 some love given they still released doom 3 VR post acquisition.

Microsoft has historically allowed their Dev teams to work on non competing gaming platforms for example rare was permitted to continue making GBA games post acquisition

ApocalypseShadow73d ago (Edited 73d ago )

All Sony really has to do is pay Capcom a big sum of money to put Dragon's Dogma 1 or 2 in VR. Would be great to see Skyrim updated. But doing this with Capcom would kill the need of needing Bethesda and avoid.. lol. Anti VR Microsoft.

They took many developers out the VR game with all their publisher purchases.

generic-user-name73d ago

I'd take more Capcom AAA titles, but I need Sony to convince R* that GTA V, RDR2 and GTA VI need to support VR too.

Babadook773d ago (Edited 73d ago )

"Sony, get out your wallet and start getting VR modes into more mainstream AAA titles."

I like that sentiment.

I have a sneaking suspicion that Sony remade TLoU Pt1 to make a killer VR patch. With the gun mechanics it would work as well in VR as RE titles.

generic-user-name70d ago

That was my hope when TLOU Part 1 was announced but with still no word of VR support at all, it seems doubtful at this stage. If they have Nixxes for PC ports, they should also acquire a studio for PSVR2 ports, maybe someone like First Contact Entertainment, who they already have a close relationship with.

Neonridr72d ago

having this game in my possession and refusing to play it until the VR mode is ready has been excruciating. I want to play this game already, hurry up Capcom PLEASE!


VR is the Leader in Gaming Innovation

With the flatscreen videogames feeling ever more stagnant, is VR becoming the leader in modern gaming innovation?

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RhinoGamer882d ago

But no one is buying enough of the games to generate the required profit for game publishers. :-(

crazyCoconuts2d ago

Give it time. Flat screens will be antiquated at some point

mkis0072d ago

Its amazing there are people who fail to see that we are always improving. I mean do they not know where we were 200, 100, 50 , 25, 10 years ago?

JackBNimble2d ago

Maybe when they start making AAA games for VR it might start selling better.
There definitely needs to be a better library to entice me in spending $750cnd on a psvr2. I already did that with psvr and was expecting sony to show a little more love for it .... but nope. Not falling for it this time.

mkis0072d ago (Edited 2d ago )

Think of early video games to what they are now. As long as it isn't abandoned it has no where to go but up. Technology is again the limiting factor, but compared to the regular games VR has a lot more room to improve by orders of magnitude.

Crows902d ago (Edited 2d ago )

Only because its a separate peripheral. If VR came with every console purchase youd bet more people would adobt.

Imagine if Sony gave a servicable VR headset with the ps6. Then at the same time released the psvr3. The console headset would maybe be made to play only a set of VR titles. Maybe last gen VR titles. While the psvr3 would give players access to current gen VR titles.

JackBNimble2d ago (Edited 2d ago )

That would be a very expensive package, and if they tried to bundle like they did with kenect , it would fail on price alone.

Babadook72d ago (Edited 2d ago )

“But no one is buying enough of the games to generate the required profit for game publishers.”

I don’t think that’s true. The games themselves are selling very well. It’s just that the cost of entry for customers to buy into the ecosystem is high for most.

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mkis0072d ago (Edited 2d ago )

I mean to my eyes regular gaming just has evolutions left. Everything boils down to what we already have a primitive version of; ai, physics, raytracing. For VR we have just scraped the surface, we are at pong level right now. We only have head and hand tracking mainstream so far.

AR is more likely to be the future main tech but VR will always have a place in the home. Idk if it will ever be possible, but a full body VR experience where you can walk without moving is the end game for me. Perhaps full dive isnt just a fantasy, but even I can't go THAT far.

ApocalypseShadow2d ago (Edited 2d ago )

VR is great. It's more immersive than any flat game can be. But, we don't need to trash flat games to uplift VR games. Article says flat gaming has hit a dead end. But there's always more to improve there as well as VR gaming.

I was just as jaded by how nothing seems improve in gaming. The same fighting games, the same red barrels, the same stupid AI. I was almost done after playing for over 40 years of gaming. Then I got VR. VR made me feel like a kid again. Everything was new. I wanted to try all types of VR games. Found many great titles.

But, it reinvigorated my love of gaming too. Games like Ghost of Tsushima took gaming for me to the next level beyond great games like Onimusha. Or reflux 5 getting a great Spider-Man game story and all. Horizon went way beyond what Guerilla Games did with Killzone. Retro games became that much more fun again. Arcade and old school console games.

But VR does have a long way to go. It'll be years before we get to the point where modern gaming is now. But the journey is just as fun until we get there. Can't wait to see the more advanced VR games with more physics, AI, objects on-screen, etc. Just like what's happening in flat gaming.

Can't wait for VR to hit that Ghost of Tsushima and Spider-Man moment in VR. VR is innovative. But flat gaming can still surprise us. Even peripherals like Dual Sense brought unexpected surprises. Even though 3D sound does have its impressive origins in VR that PS5 and Xbox series enjoy now.

generic-user-name2d ago

I've definitely lost a lot of interest in traditional gaming since I started playing on PSVR1 and PSVR2. Big names like Spiderman 2 pull me back of course and I'll probably never give it up entirely, but since playing Firewall Zero Hour I find it difficult to enjoy 'flat' FPS games and online games in general. Playing online in VR makes you feel like you're actually hanging out with people, for me anyway.

The problem with VR, or PSVR2 at least so far, is that Sony aren't fully committing. They'll buy Nixxes to port games to PC but why haven't they got a dedicated team to make VR updates for their games? If Capcom can bring RE7/8/4 to PSVR, why can't Sony bring Uncharted/TLOU/GoW? There's a modder on PC called PreyDog who makes VR mods for PC games single handedly, why can't Sony manage this? They also need to be doing everything in their power to get GTA V/RDR2/GTA VI running on PSVR2. Any of those would move headsets.