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WG: "Starfield has been raking in massive scores from some big outlets, and other scores that aren’t as flattering. So how good is Starfield really? We can only give our own personal view after spending a whole bunch of time with it"

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LostPotato250d ago

Was Baldur's Gate 3 worth all those 10's as well? See what I did there clickbait.

LostPotato249d ago

Have to love this site as every comment get more down-voted then upvoted. Fanboys everywhere.

KILLnFOOLz247d ago

The title was most definitely click bait. It lured in the haters desperately needing another echo chamber to “affirm” their opinion so they can rush to the comment sections and down vote anything that goes against their opinion and up vote the other lemmings. Gaming culture has become so basic. In reality the game definitely wasn’t a 10 (95% of all games throughout gaming history aren’t) but it wasn’t your average game either on so many levels. Today many so called “gamers” tether a games rating to the console of their choice instead of viewing the game for what it is. Unless gamers detach their loyalty for a certain console when rating games our current means of game ratings will always be less than reliable and given enough time worthless.

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ChasterMies250d ago (Edited 250d ago )

Hardly any game is a good as it’s Metacritic score. We know that overall review scores are so inflated that a 6/10 is considered unplayable. Way too many “reviewers” won’t score anything less than a 7. I think it would be more beneficial for gamers to have a ranking system. For example, how does Starfield rank against Mass Effect 2, Fallout 4, or Cyberpunk 2077? It’s easy to throw out a high score and make people happy. It’s harder think critically.

Petebloodyonion250d ago

I agree that a good review would be to compare it to what's considered the BAR.
A perfect score would me that the game sets a new Std for the genre.

VivaChe250d ago

Many developers employ internal pre-release reviewers and they do exactly this -- rank the game against others in the same genre.

PhillyDonJawn249d ago (Edited 249d ago )

I always felt it should be graded on a tier list.
S, a top game of the gen/goty
A, great game, goty contender
B, good game, fun to be had
C, Ok game, it's skippable but not a waste
D, Bad game, not worth playing
F, Broken, Boring should've never been made

NotoriousWhiz249d ago

Luckily reviews are more than just a score lol. There are usually lots of words that accompany them, but no one bothers to read those.

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shinoff2183250d ago

Easy. No

Still a fantastic game that needed a little more time in the oven.

mkis007249d ago

Not more time just slightly different direction. If you can walk across a planet map then you should be able to fly between planets...why they couldnt do at least that much is beyond my comprehension.

yeahokwhatever249d ago

i wish there was LESS space time. the flying in space is by far the weakest aspect of the gameplay. im all about that mod that eliminates it entirely and just lets you fast travel like a normal person as god intended.

got_dam249d ago

@yeahok I'm on the opposite side of that argument. I think they put so much into ship building systems and it's wasted because you're planetsside or inside a station 90% of the time. The space flight is solid enough. I have played game that put a much bigger emphasis on space flight that control much worse. I'm not saying you are wrong for thinking what you do. I actually find it interesting. I think it shows that they were appealing to a couple different demographics an people from both are finding it lacking in the areas they were interested in. I believe it is a solid game and am having fun with it, but it is far from setting my world on fire.

mkis007249d ago


Why dis they bother with the ship builder when you rarely need to be in the ship...the only reason would be to fight space battles occasionally when thr story demands it.

ravens52250d ago (Edited 250d ago )

Says "Starfield is nowhere near a perfect game" Proceeds to give it a 9/10. Can't make this shit up....

anast249d ago

I just read an article that said something like "there is a great game hidden underneath microtransactions - 8/10."

Stanjara250d ago

Game is a Fallout space skin.
Paid and early access reviewers gave 10.

Petebloodyonion250d ago

not a fan of Fallout or Skyrim but last I checked Fallout is supposed to be an amazing game so what's the problem if it's a fallout in space?
Should they score Spiderman a 6 because it's Batman Arkham skin in New York?

BillyCrystals250d ago

Without the organic, wandering exploration which is the main appeal of Bethesda games IMO.

Crows90249d ago (Edited 249d ago )

I'm other words...this is unlike any Bethesda game. All the same flaws with less of the appeal. Outer worlds did it better