NBA Street Homecourt Review by IGN:

NBA Street Homecourt was reviewed by IGN.COM for both PS3 and Xbox360. After all the speculations and controversial talk about which game looks better. Game Informer even went as far as to say the 360 version looks slightly sharper. The games both received 8.8 review score from IGN. Based on the reviews received it would appear the games are dead even on the respective consoles.

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PS360PCROCKS4892d ago

I'm not sure what system you prefer, have or like but next time your going to write that headline at the top you should do enough research to realize that the ps3 review is the exact word for word review for xbox 360...just a heads up

GaMr-4892d ago

I dont really go for any console really. I play both I favor PS3. Only cause Sony has spent more time in my living room than microsoft has. Its only normal. But I am non biased about reporting news. I report good or bad just to show people whats happening. Either way I just wanted to show people that based on an article that was posted by me a few weeks back about this game being better on 360. It appears another gaming site feels different. Im am sure as reviews come in these games will be gettin equal reviews. So the whole games lookin better on 360 thing I personally think it based on 2 factors.

1. PS3 is a little tricker to dev for but developers will and are getting the hang of it.

2. After a while it will be strictly speculative as to wich multiplat looks better.

EnforcerOfTheTruth4892d ago

And why are they word for word same? IGN must have realised both games are same and it didn't make sense to make different reviews.

Harry4892d ago

That's cos they are ports.

No matter what console you choose EA will win.

techie4892d ago (Edited 4892d ago )

Perhaps they are fed up of fanboy/girls wars.

NextGen24Gamer4892d ago

But there will be a head to head done by IGN like they did with Sonic on the ps3 and xbox 360. At that time you will see the differences between the two. And from what I have will be another game that looks and plays a little better on the less expensive system. The pattern is pretty clear. I'm just curious when the excuses will stop and "Gamers" will just see things the way they are....

spacetoilet4892d ago

You stop throwing baseless smug comments into posts like your latest classic..."The pattern is pretty clear."

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