New Forza Motorsport next-gen footage fails to capture the excitement of racing

Turn 10 has given us what might be the deepest look at Forza Motorsport gameplay yet, but it looks a bit tame.

277d ago
crazyCoconuts277d ago

I know someone that's not getting a review copy...

InUrFoxHole277d ago

🤣 🤣 I died when I read this

Firebird360277d ago

Not everything needs to be loud in your face mt dew doritos extreme sports 2005.

xHeavYx277d ago

Right? Especially a racing game where you drive sports cars almost 200 mil... Oh wait.

neutralgamer1992277d ago

There is a market for these games. Especially on gamepass this franchise will have a dedicated player base. GT on PlayStation and forza on Xbox has been excellent for their respective brands

Also I think we are to the point where graphics can only go so far. Coming from PS2 to PS3/360 was a jump and since than wow factor has been less and less. Digital foundry do their thing and few fanboys get some bragging rights than that we know we are are getting

babadivad276d ago

Yeah, graphics are good enough where casuals can't tell the difference. Especially if they don't have a good TV. My brother and his son literally can't tell the difference between the X and S version of a game.

Not even the PS4 to 5 version. Only people really plugged in can see the difference.

Stanjara276d ago

True... If someone plays spiderman...
I can't tell is it the original, or remaster, or Morales or a trailer for 2.

I can tell if someone is watching spider verse.
Great movies btw.
I was surprised.
Live action moves suck ass.

UltimateRacer277d ago

I’m honestly surprised at how uninteresting and bland this new FM looks, granted it’s only preview builds but damn they have a lot of work to do because if it releases as is then you have to question T10 and how they wasted those 6 years of development.

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spicelicka276d ago

I don't see how it looks less or more interesting than other sims. You can't really make a racing simulator look that interesting, compared to something like horizon.