Baldur’s Gate 3 PS5 Review - A Critical Success - The Koalition

Josh Limage of The Koalition writes: People these days more often tend to forget the history of gaming. Whether they deem it important or they are just consumed by the next thing, we sometimes forget the influence of the games that set the foundations for the titles we love today. For example, the RPG as we know it would be nothing if not for the two men who created Dungeons & Dragons back in 1971. Even today, the tabletop game is played across the world with some campaigns lasting years and countless memories being made amongst friends.

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rbailey222d ago

An outstanding turn-based RPG and a very strong game of the year contender.

MrChow666222d ago

I'm having a blast, this is a real rpg

Crows90222d ago

I've heard act 3 is a mess still so I'm waiting for it to be optimized better.

It's the only reason I spent any points for Gamepass on PC to play sterfield in the meantime. Probably going to beeline through the content there so I can play a better game like sea of stars

How's act 3 as far as you know? Any fixes to performance?

MrChow666221d ago

I'm 20 hours in, still in the first act. the game is packed with great quests, decisions, great dialogue and combat is so much fun. I havent had any issues, it runs very good so far on ps5, I hope they fix whatever issues act 3 has by the time I reach that point in the story

myfathersbastard222d ago

I’m like 75hrs in and I am not even technically IN Balders Gate yet. This games so good. I haven’t been this absorbed into a game in years.
My game of the year. I’m sure I’ll love Spider-Man 2 and starfield when I get to it. But I can already tell nothings else will do it for me like this game.


Damn, that's a hell of a recommendation 😳

myfathersbastard222d ago

Well I mean, I was expecting it to be good. And it exceeded my expectations.

MrChow666221d ago

it is amazing, pure video game joy

MrDead222d ago

Amazing game that everyone who loves rpgs should play. Surprising that the player count is still so high on Steam, currently 100,000 more players than Starfield!

vikingland1222d ago

My whole family is playing this on ps5. Five of us in total my wife and 3 adult kids, myself. All of us love it.

jznrpg222d ago (Edited 222d ago )

I asked my wife who only plays 2D Castlevania and PSVR2 to play co-op with me and she said she would try it . I’ll buy in a few weeks here have to finish up some games first

Black-Helghast222d ago

you have a very nice wife. I haven't played a couch co-op with mine since diablo 3 so I might try this once I get bored of Diablo 4 (my wife didn't like the darker tone of Diablo 4, that's why she's not playing it with me :'c )

vikingland1222d ago

My wife plays on her own ps5 and a nice 17inch portable monitor. I have the tv and my ps5 and we sit next to each other in our recliners. And we play Diablo IV that way also.

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Baldur’s Gate 3 Developer Is Looking To Build Its Own IP, Has Two New Projects In The Pipeline

Baldur's Gate 3 developer Larian Studios is looking to build its own IP, and currently has two new projects in the pipeline.

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XxSPIDEYxX1d 6h ago

A new Divinity would be soo awesome.

jjb19811d 6h ago

The second game had me hooked right from the beginning. They make quality games.

toxic-inferno1d 6h ago

Honestly, I'd like to see their take on a more science-fiction or space-based setting. But frankly it will be worth paying attention to anything they do.


Baldur's Gate 3 - Community Update #26 Evil Endings, New Beginnings - Steam News

Hey gang, It’s been a whirlwind few months here at the Larian castle, attending some of the biggest awards ceremonies in our industry, and we are absolutely humbled by the recognition we’ve received from our players and our peers.

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anast2d ago

Good stuff. While I would have loved more content in BG3, it's a smart move to run as far as they can from WoTC.

Glemt2d ago

Any idea when this update is dropping?


With Larian Out Of The Picture, Will The Baldur's Gate IP Be In Safe Hands?

Huzaifah from eXputer: "With Larian Studios washing their hands of the IP, what is the ultimate fate of the legendary Baldur's Gate series?"

RaidenBlack3d ago

If anybody's gonna mention BioWare, then look at Archetype Entertainment, they're the new BioWare
or else
Obsidian is still a good choice but not independent anymore.

anast3d ago (Edited 3d ago )

No, WoTC is pivoting to mobile. They can use Larian's work to justify DnD Go and everyone will accept it.

RiseNShine3d ago

Short answer, nope. Long answer, f*ck nope.

robtion2d ago

Correct answer. Most people don't realise that the companies that are still making good games using common sense and a customer focus are generally not American. They are from Poland, Belgium, Japan, or other countries that have not yet become completely corrupted by 'extreme capitalism'.

Before you down vote me into oblivion I am not anti-american. I just don't like greed and corruption which unfortunately seems to correlate with power.

I would guess the next Baldurs gate will probably be filled with GaaS.

RiseNShine14h ago(Edited 14h ago)

This is simply not true, probably the most capitalistic company in the world is Ubisoft right now, actually claiming that we have to get used to not owning games and asking 130$ for the ultimate edition of star wars outlaws with paywalled day one exclusive DLC, and they are from France, which is a socialist country with all kind of public services for everything, so it's not something exclusive to America or directly related to highly capitalist countries.

Of course, communist countries like China don't have problems like this, since workers don't have rights to strike since 1982 and unions are affiliated to the national government, so you'll never hear of any labour rights issues on these non-capitalist countries, they simply can't make their voices heard on their working conditions, neither by strikes or independent unions, that's better for you i suppose.

Christopher3d ago

Honestly, we're talking completely new engine and none of Larian's built-in stuff with regard to environments and the like that they had from their past divinity game. No one is going to have that just ready to go. So, they need to shop for a dev studio that has a past game that shows what they want.

Obsidian doesn't have that, maybe the closest being Dungeon Siege 3 or Pillars of Eternity, but those are very basic, not as open, very little environment related and altering capabilities. So, we're talking a step way back on what Larian delivered. Zero scene experience to line up with what was done in BG3. Okay conversation tree designs, but still needs more complexity.

inXile has Wasteland 3 as a base model engine, and I think that's better than Pillars of Eternity from Obsidian. But, still needs to be more open world, more environmental effects, and a much heavier rules set adaptation. But, not a bad overall engine as a base, but still a ton of work. Zero scene experience to line up with what was done in BG3. Needs a ton of work on that entirely.

Tactical Adventure did the Solasta game. Really good and more accurate as far as 5e rules than BG3. But, again, if the expectation is similar to what made BG3 a big hit, engine isn't designed for moving the camera, is a bit outdated in graphics, doesn't have in-game scene elements, and needs much better writers/voice actors.

Owlcat of pathfinder games is another choice, even though they've recently moved on to WH40k licensed games. Again, though, the engine is the biggest issue here to match up, but it's a much better option overall than Tactical Adventure. Another question is writers/story telling, as much of their overall story telling bits are very limited with a lot of random worldbuilding elements that are just +\- of some attributes.

TBH, no matter who takes over, it's just not going to be like BG3 much like how BG3 isn't at all like BG1/2. And BG3 was so successful because of how much Larian was able to put in with their engine and how focused they were on players having ridiculous control over the story being told. I just don't see the next BG being the same and depending on what it is, it might be good but I'm not as big of a reach as BG3. It's way more likely players are going to go into BG4 (or its spiritual successor if it moves away from Baldur's Gate and into Neverwinter or something like Plansescape) expecting much of what is in BG3 with more options, new and older characters, and the same level of control over what they're doing. If it doesn't have that, regardless of who makes it, it won't be as successful, IMHO.