Starfield gameplay PC RTX 4090 4K Ultra Settings - A Stuttering mess on HDD

CG writes: We like Bethesda’s Starfield so far on PC, but can’t help feel that Microsoft should have allowed the game more time to cook in the oven. Some of its first week issues make the game almost unplayable in places when using Nvidia RTX 4090 GPU. The problems we have encountered just within our first 3 hours of playing have been numerous and totally off-putting. The main issue is audio not working properly. This shouldn’t be happening and the fix of restarting the game doesn’t always work. Music stops working, and NPCs lips move with no sound. Terrible, and immersion breaking. The issue is caused by the game being installed on a HDD rather than SSD.

The other issues aside from excruciatingly long loading times is horrible pausing during combat which makes some of the combat a complete dud. This might also be as a result of HDD installation. Controller aiming ceasing to work but movement is fine. Aside from these issues, the game looks fantastic using Ultra settings. 4K resolution, No dynamic scaling, no DLSS or in this case FSR2 being enabled for what that is worth. In the Starfield gameplay video, you can see all of this and how well the RTX 4090 runs in a benchmark type scenario. With the the GPU and CPU being worked quite hard this is some poor but perhaps expected results. We hope a patch is coming fast as some of these issues really spoil the flow of the game and really shouldn’t be happening with such a high-calibre title for Microsoft.

Please note, some of the issues persisted when the fps was capped at 60 with far less load on GPU and CPU. The CPU reached 90 degrees at some points which could have contributed more to the issues in the video. But they remain with the CPU temp at around 70 degrees which is a quite normal temperature.

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Vits254d ago

Going by the reports on other places the main issue here is likely not the GPU but rather the CPU. Apparently, Starfield likes cores and there are already at least a couple of reports of that de-syncing happening in 6-core CPUs. Also doesn't help that this computer has an i5 running at over 90ºC. I would check the thermal solution used here first and foremost because that is just not normal for an i5 13600k and it might be hurting the performance even more.

bunt-custardly254d ago

Apparently the audio issue is caused by the game loaded on a HDD rather than SSD.

LordoftheCritics253d ago

I mean if they were going to test it out on HDD they could have gone all the way and tried it on Integrated GPU's, a PS3 or even a microwave.

I'm sure they've read the minimum requirements.

anast253d ago

Yeah, I would trust a reviewer that gave this game a 10.

Flawlessmic253d ago

So they can afford a 4090 but not an ssd.........

I'm sorry, but the requirement of any current gen game running properly on hdd is just rediculous.

Ssds are cheap now there is honestly no excuse for people to expect devs to launch games that run on a hdd.

bunt-custardly253d ago

Quote "Running the game via an SSD offers a much smoother experience. However, the game has moments of high CPU usage pushing the i5 13700K up to 90 degrees momentarily when playing uncapped. It often peaks over 80 degrees when playing with Vsync enabled especially when transitioning. The average temp is around 70 degrees which is fine. "

Workshyskiver253d ago

What is this absolute garbage? The game lists a SSD as a requirement, they install it on a HDD and then complain about performance?

Petebloodyonion253d ago

I bought the best 65-inch 8k TV money can buy + the best 7.1 sound system money can buy.
And I can assure you that Starfield looks super ugly on my TV due to my RCA cables.
Microsoft should have allowed the game more time to cook in the oven.
Also probably again due to my RCA cable, I have noted several times that the 3d surround wasn't working so again this is unacceptable since I have the best TV and sound system that money can buy.

Let's make an article about this.

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2d ago

Insider claims Starfield could come to PS5 in 2025 after more Xbox games 'this holiday season'

Well regarded insider, NateTheHate, has said that more Xbox games could be coming to PS5 'this holiday season' followed by Starfield in 2025.

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ThinkThink7d ago

The latest rumor is flight simulator 2024 is heading to PS5 this year.

romulus236d ago

That would be a great game to go multiplat. I would definitely pick that one up on PS5.

OtterX6d ago (Edited 6d ago )

That would be an absolutely fantastic score for PSVR2 if they have any VR support plans! MS Flight Simulator (2020) is one of my favorite VR experiences over on PC. Not so much a game, but one hell of a VR experience!

M3talDiamond6d ago

Where is this guy I havent seen him on N4G much lately?

OtterX6d ago

@M3talDiamond - I've been around, just not as much. Fam visiting, and been helping an indie team release a game, so that took a lot of focus. Thanks for noticing! haha

Skate-AK6d ago

I think they were talking about fr0sty's link.

OtterX6d ago (Edited 6d ago )

@Skate-AK ah ok, I was confused as heck, didn't even know if I should respond bc I legit just came off of an N4G hiatus. XD

So he just responded to the wrong person, gotcha. I hadn't even seen or clicked on Obscure's link til now!

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Ethereal6d ago (Edited 6d ago )

I'd be all over this.

Knightofelemia7d ago

Even if the rumor was true and if that did happen. I still wouldn't play or own a game that is classified as open world just to run into invisible force fields.

Rebel_Scum6d ago

Then what is your solution to open worlds that obviously have to have a point where they must end?

Knightofelemia6d ago (Edited 6d ago )


Really? Do you even need an answer to your question? The point to open world games is not to run into invisible force fields but to explore ever nook and cranny of the game hence the term open world.

Barlos6d ago

Same here. I won't be buying any Microsoft Games game

Notellin6d ago

Wow you're such a tough and smart guy taking that stance! You're really changing the world Barlos.