Starfield Outposts Guide for Beginners

A brief guide on Starfield Outposts with the details of choosing the most suitable planets, the building process, and other basic things related to that.

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305d ago

Starfield DLC needs to be as awe-inspiring as Shadow of the Erdtree to win players back

Shadow of the Erdtree saw a 1000% player count surge at its launch. Will Starfield’s Shattered Space be able to do the same?

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Brazz2d ago

Spoiler... It Will not. Bethesda is outdated.

anast2d ago

If it gets rid of the loading screens and adds space exploration, it will.

phoenixwing2d ago

loading screens and zones are hardboiled into the game, they would have to remake it to change it. which if they had just made a new engine or used someone else's they wouldn't be in this mess

purple1012d ago

only PSpro release will get rid of there loading, at at minimum, half the time it takes.

lucian2292d ago

nah cuz game has multiple things that have to happen before transition to outer space; issue is it isnt seamless

BoneMagnus2d ago

I played Starfield this past weekend. I enjoyed it and overall was about 30 hours in, but as soon as I got the e-mail about the GamePass price increase, I cancelled my account and deleted Starfield, Halo, Forza and others off my Series X.

If I want to play those games, I’ll just buy them outright - and truth is, I’m pretty sure I won’t. They aren’t worth it to me.

Ninver2d ago

Brutal truth. Thanks gor being honest.

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Mods Shouldn't Be Required To Make Bethesda Games Playable

Hannan from eXputer inquires: "Bethesda games' fans will likely be familiar with using mods to make its titles playable, but why do players do what Bethesda should?"

Obscure_Observer3d ago

"Bethesda games' fans will likely be familiar with using mods to make its titles playable, but why do players do what Bethesda should?"

Because players won´t have to do the heavy lifting job, which is: create, planning, test, and pay 5 hundred developers out their pockets.

Because it´s easier to create mods that breaks a game when you won´t face the consequences of your failure, you don´t have to endure pressure of any kind by higher ups or have to put yourself at risk of losing your job. That´s why.

H93d ago

Players are players, not creators and they shouldn't be required or preferred for them to do any type of creating

GamerRN3d ago (Edited 3d ago )

What about low level creators who enjoy doing it?

Also I'm pretty sure it's not required.

thesoftware7303d ago


But only... it's not required, and some people like modding. There are thousands of mods for thousands of games.

every one of their games can be played from beginning to end.

Notellin3d ago

Your comment makes no sense. Most modders are doing it on their own free time and aren't expecting anything in return.

The Bethesda games are playable without mods.

This article all the way down to the comments is just knee jerk hyperbole.

purple1013d ago (Edited 3d ago )

"test, and pay 5 hundred developers out their pockets."

500 devs, but spaceship space travel in a space game is missing. good one.

meanwhile on 'No mans sky': https://www.youtube.com/res...

shinoff21833d ago

Obscure that's a bs excuse. No way around that. I'm saying that as someone who generally likes their games.

Obscure_Observer3d ago


"Obscure that's a bs excuse. No way around that. I'm saying that as someone who generally likes their games."

It´s not excuse, it´s a fact!

How many games had Nexus developed after all those years?! You´re right... none! Have you ever wondered *why*?

I´m willing to bet that you don´t even know that some of the best Skyrim and Fallout 4 modders were in fact hired by Bethesda and are actual developers behind Starfield! THAT game you sh!t on? Yeah, some of those "lazy and/or incompetent" Starfield developers used to be highly regarded as modders on both Skyrim and Fallout 4 back in the day, because they obviously weren´t the people in the front lines.

So you can´t stop with your fake concern act, because for people like you modders are "heroes" until they eventually get hired and have to deal with actual development of a game, everything that it entails and be held accounted for its final quality.

Again, to create mods from someone else´s work is easy when you don´t have to develop a game from the scratch or been held accounted by anything, including the backlash from "fans" such as yourself.

Eonjay3d ago (Edited 3d ago )

Come on now lol. This has to be one of the most backward responses I have ever heard. The question was 'why should players have to make mods to make a game playable'. Your response is Bethesda shouldn't have to make their own games playable because... it costs money and because the pressure of losing your job?

This is unreal.