Forza Motorsport Shows Races & More in Extensive Gameplay Video

Today Microsoft and Turn-10 released a rather extensive gameplay video of their upcoming racing game Forza Motorsport, focusing on early races.

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darthv72219d ago

God I hope they release a steelbook edition of this game.

dumahim219d ago

Isn't it already known it won't happen. Just basic edition for physical and higher end versions are an add-on or just flat out digital?

Obscure_Observer219d ago (Edited 219d ago )

Looks Absolutely Stunning! The Graphics! The lighting and shadows! The sound! The AI! The number of cars on track! The sense of speed...

*Development Build* O.o

What´s up with that Hakone track???


The true next generation racer will be among us pretty soon!

ApocalypseShadow219d ago

It does look pretty good. But I'm not seeing any leap in gameplay. It's just more of the same.

That other racer has a next generation controller and next generation immersion with VR for the entire game. Add a steering wheel and VR and it's a true next generation driving leap.

Reaper22_219d ago

There is nothing next generation about the ps5 controller. And don't get me started on VR. There is a reason that both are not huge hits.

jznrpg219d ago

@Reaper22 PS5 controller isn’t a big hit?

Hypertension140219d ago


Don't get me started on VR?
Ok I'll bite, please tell me, I hope your criticism makes sense and has nothing to do with you preferring the green team.

RupeeHoarder219d ago (Edited 219d ago )

This game will be great but let's be fair... next-gen racing is out now for anyone with a PSVR2. I just can't imagine any racing game beating that experience, after experiencing it. I am very much looking forward to Forza's take though on sim racing. It has been a while and Forza Horizon does nothing for me.

219d ago
Neonridr219d ago

these racing games are getting gorgeous. Between this series and Gran Turismo, we are spoiled on consoles.

RupeeHoarder219d ago

For a racing purist these games both fit the bill. They are just different enough to fill the void for everyones preferences.

headshotfrosty219d ago

True. But somehow I feel like these gameplay videos don’t do it full justice. At least not on my phone. The colors look washed out a bit and lacks pop and contrast but Im sure it’s the capture nit the actual experience. Stoked for this.

EvertonFC219d ago

Spoken like a true gamer 👍🙂

jznrpg219d ago

I really don’t get releasing racing games every couple years.

Make one good game and support it for 5+ years or so.

kickerz219d ago

Forza motorsport 7 came out in 2017. That is literally 6 years ago.

badz149219d ago


Well...rejoice! This Forza will be exactly THAT! As long as they keep their promise on the longterm support.

Neonridr219d ago

the Horizon series is a separate offshoot which focuses more on open world and less sim.

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Forza Motorsport To Remove Car Upgrade Progression Limit

A new update for Forza Motorsport has been announced that will remove the car upgrade progression limit. It will come out next month.

BurritoWarrior68d ago

Beyond repair at this point the people have made up their minds on this game already. You had one chance and ya blew it

execution1768d ago

Should've took what they did with 4s progression and improved on it


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