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A developer shouldnt rely on modders to make their game playable, fun or interesting

Despite being one of the most popular video game releases of the year, Starfield is already getting a lot of backlash in the four days since it has been out. The highly anticipated space RPG from Bethesda was finally launched into orbit on September 6, and naturally, the title has taken over the entire gaming galaxy, for better or worse. Leading up to its awaited release, the developer claimed that its latest title will be a “modder’s paradise.”

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Community255d ago
ApocalypseShadow256d ago (Edited 256d ago )

PC is an interesting place for modding and weird. Gamers have definitely made many games better by adding better textures, better character models, animation, adding features that weren't there or even creating new stories.

But it's also embarrassing that the companies that make the games couldn't be bothered to make the best damn games they can right out the gate. They are the ones that have the high budgets. Should be a given. Nope. It's gamers that have to show the way and how it's done.

Like I said, interesting and weird. If that's the case, these developers should be paying the gamers.

BlackDoomAx255d ago

They don't. They don't even need to finidh it, or to make it work properly. They just need to hype it before launch and hope enough people will buy it. Rinse and repeat every year.

anast255d ago

Modders are passionate artists and Bethesda abuses this. Like I said, they should make an RPG maker game, it would be less sleazy of them.

Black-Helghast255d ago

name it Bethesda Game maker and give us all the tools of ES I - V & Fallout 1 - 4. they can even give us New Vegas & starfield tools as a DLC. I'm telling you, they'd make billions.

PRIMORDUS255d ago (Edited 255d ago )

Maybe the bulk of our money spent on games for PC should go to the modders. I mean, they release games that are not ready, and leave it to modders to fix them, and some like Starfield leave options out like HDR and DLSS. I'm losing respect for most PC developers lately.

Giblet_Head254d ago

Bethesda Softworks hasn't been a "PC developer" since Oblivion. They've half-assed ever since.


Starfield's recent player spike is good, but it needs its Cyberpunk 2077 moment now

Starfield's recent player spike is a good sign, but Bethesda desperately need to line up their Cyberpunk 2077 moment.

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Community22m ago
ZeekQuattro9h ago

I feel like the second big update that releases late this year will do just that. Part of the story expansion is also new means of transportation on planets.

P_Bomb8h ago

A good DLC could turn some heads. The Destiny games got momentum that way too.

piher8h ago

What player spike?

I checked steamcharts through the link in the article and it went from 8,000 to 11.500, so yea 20% but when the game peaked at 330,000 It's safe to say that the actual effect of this update was negligible.

LostPotato2h ago

Doubt it'll ever get redemption. As many developers have said in various interviews it's beyond saving.

Just release the mod tools and expansion and move on.


Stellar Blade has sold more physical copies than Dragon's Dogma 2 in Japan, despite PS5 exclusivity

By the looks of it, PlayStation 5 exclusivity does not hurt the sales of Stellar Blade in Japan as the game has passed 90,000 sold physical copies.

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Community13h ago
Hugodastrevas13h ago

Stellar Blade really deserves way more praise than it got, devs have been adding more and more content, for free, since release and the game already was great to begin with!

BrettAwesome11h ago

More than it got? It got tons, by everyone except the sad wankers who's idea of a sex life, is pulling on their dicks while watching big fake cgi titties 😂

Cacabunga11h ago

I think we can safely claim that Stellar Blade 2 is confirmed!
I got it day one, i have some backlog due to RDR2 i just platinumed.. i will get to Stellar Blade in the near future

shinoff218310h ago

Same but I'm hitting yakuza right now. Stellar blade looks cool though.

neutralgamer19929h ago

Capcom really dropped the ball with DG2. They had easy success on their hand but instead with their stupid decisions ruined the games success

Stellar blade is an amazing game and deserves all the success. For all the artificial hate it got from people who had no interest in the game to begin with this shows if you make a good game it will sell. The so called 1st party drought from PlayStation has meant 4 exclusives in 2024 so far. Other companies need to learn how to run a business and plan for the future

H913h ago

Stellar blade is performing very impressively there, DD2 didn't do well because word of mouth destroyed it's reputation and not about the Microtransactions or performance, bad word of mouth about how the game lacks so many things that were in the first one

Redemption-6411h ago

DS2 sold 2.5M in a little over a week, what the hell are you talking about?

H910h ago

"there", that's Japan, this article is about Japan, the bad word of mouth is about Japan

Hereandthere12h ago

Exclusives matter. No matter what bumbling phil and bond try to say, exclusives is why you buy a console.

The_Hooligan9h ago

How dare you speak common sense!!??

jznrpg3h ago

It would if they added a lot more combat and didn’t focus on graphics

XiNatsuDragnel12h ago

Stellar blade is great excited for 2

anast11h ago

They dropped the ball with dogma. SB is a solid game, it just had to weather the social storm.

shinoff218310h ago(Edited 10h ago)

Said that dd2 was missing things the first one did,like mass effect 2? I haven't played it so I'm really asking.