Starfield HD Reworked Project in development, gets preview video

Modder 'Halk Hogan PL’ has announced that he's currently working on ad HD Reworked Texture Pack for Starfield.

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Sonic1881282d ago

He's doing Bethesda's job for them

blackblades282d ago

Correct not just him but other modders as well.

phoenixwing281d ago

Even from my crappy phone screen it looked like he was making improvements

OMGitzThatGuy280d ago

Game could have looked like some holy being crafted it with every feature known to man and modders would have still created mods and your comment would still exist. Wrap it up.

DVAcme280d ago (Edited 280d ago )

And yet the game looks like ass and is anemic in features, so modders are rightfully being praised for their work. You should be the one to wrap it up.

fr0sty280d ago (Edited 280d ago )

Yeah, those stock textures look terrible. This video makes it look like this is a remaster of a Xbox One game.

badz149280d ago

Fastest Remasters in the West.

Futureshark280d ago

So I don't understand, if this is possible, why didn't Bethesda do it? Rather then leaving it to the modding scene to actively improve the game.

Shouldn't call it the modding scene, should be called the improving or fixing scene.

abstractel279d ago

Not really. Their target specs were XBSX and XBSS, not PC that have more memory available to them. They could have made high-res textures and downressed them to the consoles but downressing has its disadvantages so most developers aim for what the consoles can handle.

Not defending Starfield although I do like it. My main criticisms are that I think the StarUI mod is something Bethesda should have done, the characters don't look triple A, the many bugs and I really don't like how everywhere you go there's a loading screen, seemingly because of a limitation in their engine.

RaidenBlack280d ago

Texture packs are usually pretty big in size ... Larger the files, more VRAM needed to load 'em. These mods are optional and for people who has the resources to run them.
Maybe BGS wanted to keep uniformity across all versions of the game and keep file size as concise as possible?
Starfield has to run on consoles as well, mind you ...
On PC, the game is 139.84 GB. On consoles, it's 100.19 GB for Standard or 117.07 GB for the Premium Edition!

green280d ago

Do you know how big these files can be? Do you want a game that is 250GB download for your console?

BrainSyphoned280d ago

Yes? If it is a 10/10 that I can play for thousand of hours Fuck Yes. Oh wait! You meant it has to be able to fit on the Series S, I'm sorry for your loss.

sinspirit280d ago

We have good compression algorithms now. It wouldn't become that much bigger from HD textures. There were a couple games back in the day that had official HD texture packs as an optional download. It normally is a few gigs, just like these modded HD texture packs tend to be for newer games.

OMGitzThatGuy280d ago

They would have done this regardless, infinite talent doesn’t exist, but things can always be improved.

Soileh279d ago

Why didn't they add a FOV or brightness slider? Proper HDR implementation? A good UX/UI? Because they want you to pay full price and have someone else fix it. That less than week from release a modder could implement better inventory UI should have caused one of three options:
1. People to realise BGS is lazy and scamming them.
2. Fire all the people who worked on UI.
3. Pretend you really actually genuinely like the UI and are glad modders can fix it without detracting from the original.
Everyone went with 3 it seems.

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anast280d ago

Once again modders need to finish work that should have already been done in a game that was a 25 year dream in the making. If this game were graded on the what was said it would be D.O.A.

Fonsecap280d ago

Todd's best friends coming to the rescue, can't wait for the release of the official modding tools

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attilayavuzer1d 15h ago

Starfield doomers punching air.