PlayStation Writer Addresses People Who Want Her Fired for Streaming Starfield

Internet trolls have called for PlayStation writer Alanah Pearce to be fired for streaming and "promoting" Xbox exclusive Starfield.

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Obscure_Observer221d ago

My god.

Some people are just evil.

Brazz221d ago (Edited 221d ago )

It's a miracle, i agreeing with you...

raWfodog221d ago

It’s worse when it’s based in stupidity and ignorance. The whole fanboy cheerleading for specific companies is bad enough.

Jin_Sakai221d ago

She didn’t have much good to say anyways. She’s the one who traveled 7 hours just to clip through the fake Saturn. Lol

darthv72221d ago

...it was pluto, and she likes the game actually. As does Barlog and Jaffe and Im sure others in the industry.

Tacoboto221d ago

She did it by leaving the game on when sleeping, not while actively playing it...

KicksnSnares221d ago

She’s a traitor to the PS community 😆

DigitallyAfflicted221d ago

She is views hangry that's for sure.

ABizzel1220d ago

Before even clicking the article I knew it was going to be Alanah Pearce.

The trolls are ignorant as always, but she’s always right there ready to capitalize on victimhood and her simp fan base.

Agent75220d ago

Are you one of the mentioned Trolls?!

DigitallyAfflicted220d ago

@Agent75. Just see things for what they are… she could have easily ignored those meaningless comments of people who have no input into her career, sure her employer wouldn't care too.

XiNatsuDragnel221d ago

SMH cmon now ppl that's low imo.

blackblades221d ago

They are trolls just to remind you

DarthZoolu220d ago

It’s just a bunch of Sony fans. I guarantee you people that use this site were part of that. Also, this is my last day here I’m tired of all you little b*^•#€. Enjoy your Sony circle jerk.

-Foxtrot221d ago

It’s just a bunch of trolls

Trolls that are made out to be a bigger group than they are so sites like this can make a story out of it and make the entire PS community look like one and the same.

EvertonFC220d ago

I think personally alot of gamers are fannies these days unfortunately, it's a bigger percentage than you think imo.

Snookies12221d ago

God forbid people just enjoy GAMING, instead of brand loyalty.

Gardenia221d ago

Cancel culture at it's finest.

CrashMania221d ago

Yeah this is pretty ridiculous really. Employees and big bosses from both camps will absolutely be playing games from all publishers.

Crows90221d ago


Are you telling me everyone had to play redfall? Maybe if Phil actually played it before release things could be different...

Gamers play games ..yes.

rippermcrip220d ago

I don't support the trolling. But there is a difference between playing the game vs actively streaming the game for income, when you are an employee of a competing company.

GameBoyColor161d ago

There is 0 rules saying she can't lol.