Alan Wake 2 realizes the original game’s ambitious 2005 prototype

Remedy Entertainment has new Alan Wake 2 gameplay to dissect, which appears to retrofit the first game's prototype, and drop some great Twin Peaks nods in too.

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isarai88d ago

I was so hyped in highschool seeing the OG prototype, and was so confused when the game wasn't that.

Aussiesummer87d ago

i cant wait to see this in action with path tracing on my 4090, gonna put it to the test for sure.


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Mr_cheese5d ago

Their top 3

1)Alan wake 2
2)Balderstone gate 3
3)Spiderman 2

Rocketisleague4d ago

Balderstone sounds like some nerds autocorrect got in there

DarXyde5d ago (Edited 5d ago )

You know you had a very rigorously competitive year with plenty of variety in opinion when neither Wonder (#7 on this list) nor Tears of the Kingdom (#4) are in the top 3.

Personally, I really enjoyed SMB Wonder and it's my personal GOTY, but my point is that this year was insane for games.

jznrpg5d ago

I would have played BG3 and Alan Wake 2 day 1 if they didn’t go digital only at launch. I have BG3 ordered so I’ll play it when it releases physically for PS5 but Alan Wake 2 I may end up waiting for a long time since they haven’t announced a physical copy yet that I know of.

monkey6025d ago

I completely mirror those sentiments. I havent played either yet and I cant wait to either but holding on for physical or a decent sale price to go digital

GamingSinceForever5d ago

Alan Wake doesn’t have the greatest combat but the tlc put into it is evident. There is definitely nothing like it.

I wouldn’t be opposed to it taking most GOTY awards.

bazookasDAD5d ago

I have yet to play Baldurs Gate 3 or Alan wake but there is no denying 2023 has been a great year for gaming. With that said, my personal favorite game this year is Dave the Diver. Pure Joy.

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