Phil Spencer may have just answered whether Elder Scrolls 6 will be an Xbox exclusive

Phil Spencer may have just answered what platforms we're going to see Elder Scrolls 6 on, and one console is notably absent.

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MrDead83d ago (Edited 83d ago )

Of cause it is, the question is will he ban the game not just from Sony gamers but also Steam and Epic too? The Elder Scrolls is a massive IP and has a huge player base, I have a feeling it won't be long before the ban hammer is extended to other platforms, especially if banning Starfield from releasing on PS has worked. MS has shown it can't be bothered to make games, so why not just take and limit access to what's already been built?

ken281382d ago

Starfield not releasing on PS didn’t work at all. Xbox players are not buying or even playing it. PS was a stronger market for Bethesda. How many people do you really think bought a Xbox for starfield? I want Starfield to be a success so PS can get off their high horse.

MrDead82d ago

Starfield sales are completely reliant on Steam as it's a new IP, MS would be nuts to ban it from there. Fallout, Elder Scrolls, are already established IP's that has a huge player base, I can see MS start pulling those games from competing storefronts to force people onto on Live if they want to keep playing, they banned Starfield, Redfall, Hifi Rush being released on Bethesda's largest console market so let's see what they ban next... Also don't forget the Activision deal and all their studios and IP's are soon to be banned from PS leaving gamers with less choice where to play multiplatform games and forcing people onto Live if they want to keep playing.

Bethesda, Activision are purchased for the IP's, some of the biggest in gaming. MS want to force gamers onto Live by removing choice of where we play, they do this by industry consolidation. Lets see what other publishers they buy and ban from gamers when the Activision deal goes through, as we already know there are very little protections for the consumer and what there is can be easily bypassed with cash.

itsmebryan82d ago

I have gampass and I paid for the upgrade that included early access. A lot of other people paid because remember when early access started they had over a million players. The only way to have early access was to pay.

green82d ago

I bought the constellation edition and I have game pass

lilmikey201181d ago

where are you getting your info lol hundreds of thousands of people are playing the game and bought it. go on reddit thats all anyones talking about.

CobraKai80d ago

I bought it, but, im not gonna lie, i probably woulda picked up the PS version of the game if it were multiplat

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Notellin82d ago

Not a single person is questioning if it will release on Steam or not besides you.

Sony on the other hand would lock it down forever on console if given the opportunity.

MrDead82d ago

Why would they allow games on a competing store front once they've consolidated the industry? Steam is only useful for now.

mkis00782d ago

What are you even talking about. This is demonstratably false. Playstation is even releasing their own games on pc.

MrDead82d ago


How is this false? It's happened to every industry that has seen consolidation, once you control a certain percentage of what's available you call the shots. Your Sony comparison doesn't work, PS exclusives are not reliant on other platforms for sales and are only multiplatform when Sony choses. MS has taken the biggest multiplatform ip's that already have a huge active user base and is slowly banning them from competing platforms, Steam is competition and useful only for as long as MS needs the sales once they buy enough of the industry the strength of the IP's will direct consumers to Live.

Babadook782d ago (Edited 82d ago )

"Sony on the other hand would lock it down forever on console if given the opportunity."

Name one time where Sony bought a multiplat studio (that being a studio NOT heavily associated with Playstation exclusives) and then released an exclusive title that would have come to xbox.

fr0sty82d ago

So that's why all their biggest hits are releasing on PC now... lol. Schrodinger's Xbot... Sony wants to lock every game behind console exclusivity, but there's no reason to buy a PS5 because you can get all its best games on PC.

kayoss82d ago

Sony bought Bungie, they still allowed Destiny 2 to be on other consoles and platforms. So the opportunity was there and they didnt do it. So your statement is false.

Rynxie82d ago

You're incredibly estúpido, but the person who gave you a 💯 beat you by miles.

Notellin81d ago

Dang it feels good to clown all these losers that responded.

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neutralgamer199282d ago

Starfield will show MS is they see an increase in the subscriptions. TBH all MS owned studios will make Xbox exclusives

They will continue to release on PC there is absolutely no way that they will stop supporting PC. Only MS games to come on PS will be Minecraft and COD

All those gamers that were saying MS buying studios isn’t about monopoly or keeping away from other platforms are completely wrong. I have a question ask yourself this question:

If Sony buys capcom and make their games like resident evil, monster hunter, street fighter etc only on PS how would you feel. So when you are laughing at PlayStation fans now for being salty don’t be surprised if this becomes a reality

MS just started this bad practice and we as gamers will be left with less options. In 5 years time there will be no more capcom, sega, square or Konami. You can bookmark this comment. In less than 5 years we will be left with greedy publishers

Take Two

MrDead82d ago

"They will continue to release on PC there is absolutely no way that they will stop supporting PC" Who said they'll stop releasing games on PC?.. you do know Live is on PC too don't you?

So you're asking me will Sony be forced into buying publishers to try and protect it's self from MS buying the industry and will I hate Sony (and anyone else that wants to keep 3rd party games) for being pushed into this position? Yes it will suck, and it'll be thanks to MS

Sony doesn't need to buy multiplatform publishers as their platform is the lead platform for sales in the console market thanks to their investment in quality exclusives, only MS is pushing this future and it's success with banning established IP's and publishers from competition will dictate the future of buyouts and bans.

neutralgamer199282d ago (Edited 82d ago )

No I wasn’t asking you. That’s my observation, from where the industry is going, especially with the recent acquisition. There is no way Sony will not acquire publishers.

And I disagree with you Sony being the market leader, this generation has no bearing on what happens next generation, when many gamers realize that games like fallout in elder scrolls, can only be had on Xbox.

Yes, Sony has made very smart investments in the past as a longtime PlayStation fan. I can’t disagree with that, but they are severely lacking when it comes to any sort of RPG‘s.

Also, keep in mind I am not being negative towards Microsoft, acquiring studios simply because development cost has gone way too high for a lot of small size publishers. Even the parent company for Bethesda zenimax were struggling financially. During the FTC case we saw firsthand that both Sony and Microsoft said that the development cost for most AAA blockbusters is 200+ million dollars. Keep in mind epic games which is worth more than $20 billion. Did not want to pay the development cost for gears of war that’s why they sold IP.

For many of the small to medium size publishers moving forward industry is going to price them out

MrDead82d ago (Edited 82d ago )

So what's the point you're trying to make to me?
I have issues with MS buying up and banning competition from the biggest IP's and publishers in gaming and consolidating the industry which practices have been proven to be negative for the consumer, workers and any competition.

No one else is doing this, only MS.

itsmebryan82d ago

I also have a PC and XSX. Sony can't afford to buy dev and make them PS only exclusives. Look at the Bungie deal and the fact they bought a company just to port games to PC. With Gamepass and my PC for Sony "exclusives " I will be fine. 😁

neutralgamer199282d ago


That’s where the industry is heading towards whether we like it or not. Gaming industry will either be AAA or indies. There isn’t much space for AA size publishers. A proper AAA game costs 100 plus million to develop not counting PR campaign


Keep thinking that. Sony not only has the funds but intentions of making exclusives. PC space is different because both MS and Sony are releasing games on PC. They don’t consider PC their competition. I recently got a gaming PC and prefer to play games on PC even though I own XSX and PS5. PC just provides more options and freedom

Square enix

Within next 18-24 months both will be acquired by Sony IMO and their respective games will not come to Xbox. Also sony is different when it comes to PC. They make games for PS5 first and after a year or so they will release them on PC. This way they can charge full price on PS5 and again full price on PC

Square enix acquisition was confirmed by all industry veterans. Sony wants capcom way more RN and have 20 billion in acquisition fund. 20 billion can buy them capcom and square enix with hefty amount still left over

crazyCoconuts82d ago

I think the heart of it is that MS is too big. Biggest company in the world. So the benefits of competition/capitalism just break down when a single company has that many resources and can pull the rug out from competitors just by spending money.
If Sony had that much money, they would undoubtedly be the bad guy. It just needs to be more balanced for competition to work.

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TheColbertinator82d ago

Elder Scrolls 6 must be on Steam or it is a no from me.

lelo2play82d ago

I can see it as a Xbox/PC exclusive. Sony fanboys have claimed several times that Bethesda games are crap. For them Fallout 4 and 76 is crap, Skyrim is crap, Starfield is crap. Why bother launching Bethesda games on Playstation?

lilmikey201181d ago

why do you have an issue with what microsoft is doing..do you have stakes in sony or something? buy an xbox so you can play every game and stop crying

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crazyCoconuts83d ago

Spencer may not even be in that position by the time ES6 comes around

MrNinosan82d ago

Hell we might not even ne around 🧓