Sony vs. Microsoft vs. Nintendo: Who’s Had the Best Exclusives in 2023 So Far?

Matt Anderson "With about a third of the year remaining, it might be a good idea to check in on gaming’s big three first-party publishers to get an idea of how their year is going."

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Flawlessmic316d ago

3. Sony

I mean its not even arguable

Lightning77316d ago

Spider-Man 2 is out next month. Let's wait and see after that game releases first.

dcbronco316d ago

Spiderman? Again? Remember when 3 Halos was too much Halo. Now there's like 5 Spidermans in 3 years but it's awesome.

Seraphim315d ago

@dcbronco - try 2 Spiderman games since 2018, plus Miles. The original PS4 Spiderman released on this day in 2018. 5 years + a month & we'll have the sequel. Again, with Miles in between. Say what you will about similarities, but Miles is his own unique character, and a great one at that.

that being said, I don't care about annual output. I care about generational output. That's why I can safely buy a Nintendo and Sony console. Between the two, and PC if necessary, I have more than enough games to keep me occupied.

VersusDMC316d ago

FFXVI, Horizon DLC, Forespoken beats Microsoft for me. Not even counting VR games

ravens52316d ago

Forspoken wasn't a bad game. Fn ridiculous how that game was treated. Funny thing is most people who put reviews and slandered it didn't even play it. Empty open world a lot of people said... but put 1000 empty worlds and get 10/10 lol. Bad dialogue, but if it's a white Russian male with bad dialogue we look past it. People are funny and not in a good way.

EvertonFC316d ago (Edited 316d ago )

Haven't Xbox just had 1 this year Starfield
Edit: hi Rez and redfall

NotoriousWhiz315d ago (Edited 315d ago )

As one of the five proud owners of PSVR 2, I disagree.

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Shubhankar316d ago

I'll answer your question with another question. Who had Pikmin 4?

Venoxn4g316d ago

Pikmin 4 is definitely one of the GOTY contender. So much effort and love put inside the game, no wonder why they took so much time to release new entry (not counting Pikmin 3 deluxe).. had so much fun that even completed the game 100 percent (and that happens rare for me).

Jin_Sakai316d ago

1. Nintendo
2. Sony

Microsoft doesn’t even register.

Lightning77316d ago

Not sure what you mean. Hifi was great Redfall was a big miss while SF is a hit and Forza is safe it'll most likely be a hit like it tends to be.

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FinalFantasyFanatic315d ago (Edited 315d ago )

Couldn't agree more, this is the only correct answer, and this is one of Sony's slower years too, meanwhile, I can get Hifi Rush and Star Field on PC, I don't even want to touch Redfall.

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