Starfield: the Creation Engine evolves to deliver massive ambition, scale and scope

The Digital Foundry verdict on Bethesda's massively anticipated sci-fi RPG.

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MrDead88d ago (Edited 88d ago )

As long as they fixed the drawcall bottleneck problem that's all I care about, It was an endless pain in the butt for modding Fallout 4 especially if you wanted to break some precombines.

RpgSama87d ago

This is a weird review, they are comparing Starfield and the creating engine mostly against Bethesda previous games, not that much other current gen games, I think not fair to compare Starfield or the creating engine to Fallout 4 that came out in 2015.

darthv7287d ago

It makes sense if they are comparing growth in their development. How much things changed between previous games and this one.

crazyCoconuts88d ago (Edited 88d ago )

So, I'm open to differences in opinion here, but when I read this article, I would sum it all up as "apologetic".
Tons of negatives, glazed over with things like "but not unexpected for a Bethesda game" and with a super positive sounding title. You could make a list of the negatives, there are probably a dozen of them, but in such a careful tone. And no mention of the actual resolution before FSR upscaling in the article? Wasn't it like 1440 / 900p on the X/S respectively?
Just saying, like if, say, Guerrilla Games released this...

phoenixwing87d ago (Edited 87d ago )

you're not wrong to criticize the game for getting passes that other devs would get raked through the coals over. However, i hear that the sttory is pretty decent for what it is so I'm ok with the game myself. Except, i don't go into bethesda games thinking they deserve a pass but a fun adventure is a fun adventure to me. I have the pc version so i expect to reap the benefits of the modding community to make it a game it should have been with due time.

Bulders gate 3 easily outclasses this game though. I've been playing it on pc and it's just miles better.

Kornholic87d ago

Why are you talking about the story? Digital Foundry focuses on the technical aspects of the game.

pezking87d ago

you're not allowed to like this game around here

Armaggedon87d ago

It is miles better at meeting the expected industry standard. Starfield has its own strengths that exceed other games.

Umb87d ago

Reminds me of the Halo Infinite video where they defended why it looked underwhelming. Though I always het the feeling DF are MS shills.

crazyCoconuts87d ago (Edited 87d ago )

Yeah, I mean, no question: they couldn't keep getting those Xbox exclusive reveal opportunities if they were critical. MS will reward those that play the game and punish those that don't

PunksOnN4G87d ago

Remember when they were gonna remove FPS test comparison between platforms and fps test just cuz LOL... They always give an excuse when its XBOX but PS it better be solid.

anast87d ago

Asmongold's Starfield video: "It Doesn't Just Work" is hilarious. It compares the game to what Todd had said about it when he was trying to sell it.

Obscure_Observer87d ago

Excellent work by Todd and his team on delivering such a massive, gorgeous and fantastic game!

I´m having a blast!

CrimsonWing6987d ago

I’m early in, but I find it kind of boring. I wouldn’t say it’s bad, it’s more like it’s just fine to me… but I’m hoping it’ll click the further I get into it.

arkard87d ago

That's where Im at to. I'm working on the main quest to get the game going and open it up more supposedly. I just flew to Mars to talk to someone for 1 min to just run back to my ship and have to fly to venus.

I'm dissppointed that they still can't figure out how to not have loading between outside and inside.

jwillj2k487d ago

According to the creator of the game you need to be 130 hours in to start liking it.

KeyAppearance87d ago

Was quite surprised at just how great the game looked at times, I have played fallout 4, skyrim and stuff to death, so those were the visuals stuck in my head, so this was a pleasant surprise.

Some planets especially look so good

Kornholic87d ago (Edited 87d ago )

Am I the only one who feels that this was a strange video for Digital Foundry? A very odd tone for a DF video.

Normally DF examines the technical aspects more critically and then compares the graphics and effects to the game's contemporary peers.

In this video comparisons are made only to Bethesda's previous titles. Which is a bit silly because of course the game is going to look better compared to a 5-12 year old game from the same developer.

343_Guilty_Spark87d ago

None of Bethesdas games have ever been lookers. This is a great looking game just in general. Is it up to the visual quality of day God of War Ragnorok no but the scale of this game is massive compared to a game like that.

There are moments in Starfield that are simply breathtaking. I never got that ever from a Bethesda RPG until now.

crazyCoconuts87d ago

Here's the DF review for God of War Ragnarok... See if it seems like the visual quality sounds comparable: https://www.eurogamer.net/d...

Kornholic87d ago

None of that made any sense in the context of my comment.

Armaggedon87d ago

I wouldnt say its at ragnaroks level, but they are skilled at using lightening to their advantage.