Frustrated Starfield players say controversial low review scores are justified

Starfield players voice frustration, saying the game's controversial low scores are justified due to glaring shortcomings.

ThinkThink270d ago

Everyone Is entitled to their own opinions, I have no problems with 7s, 8's, 9's and 10's. It's my game of the year for sure. I can't remember the last game I played for 9 hours straight and still didn't want to stop.

GoodGuy09270d ago

That's good. I will probably just wait for a sale on this game. Seems this is game is very much a you like it or not kinda game.

Christopher269d ago

I dislike about as much as I like about the game. It's frustrating to play with knowing you'll have to do things that you don't find fun, but that's how it is. I just do my best to speed through the parts I don't like as fast as possible. I just want to explore the parts I do like, though, and I think that tells you how good those elements can be if people choose put up with the parts they don't like.

Agent75269d ago

At £70 in the UK, I'll have to pass at launch. And that's for the (shall we say) basic edition.

Astrokis269d ago

That’s a good way to put Bethesda games, I loved fallout 3 - maybe because I was a teen and it was something to pour time into. But fallout 4 didn’t hit me the same way and Fallout 76 I couldn’t get into at all

neomahi268d ago

@ Astrokis - But now you're adult whose day is filled with responsibility so you have to pick and choose how you spend it, and if it's something that REALLY commands your time, you pretty much just avoid it altogether. I think that's why so many teenagers got into RPGs, they had all of this time but they were old enough they could understand it but as an adult with a job, family, another job and other responsibilities I won't mention, you just don't have as much time to game as you used to, and I think games like Starfield are for that age range, but a game that long, especially with so many other games there are to play that demand less time, you're gonna leave the longer games to play many of the 8-10 hour games to have a more diverse pallet and experience. Yeah

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LordoftheCritics270d ago (Edited 270d ago )

From all the games of every platform this year, I feel motivated to play this more than anything.
Just like I used to with Skyrim.

It's my fav game of the year.

Jin_Sakai269d ago

I know my favorite GOTY will be Super Mario Bros Wonder. Starfield reminds me of NMS except made by 450 people with a huge budget.

crazyCoconuts269d ago

Opinions are fine, but imo, a 10 should be reserved for something pretty near perfect. From what I read Starfield is nowhere near that.
I'm gonna look through what sites gave this game a 10 and make a shill list and avoid those sites from now on

ModsDoBetter269d ago

"Shill list"
Subjective opinion that doesn't align with mine, hmm, must be a shill. 😂

VincentVanBro269d ago

Some of us blindly trust IGN, others are a bit less simple minded and don’t label all dissent “shills” lol to each their own. That existence sounds miserable though.

crazyCoconuts269d ago

Not like I trust IGN to always line up with me, but I'm sorry, 10/10 needs to be a masterpiece or close to it. Any of you really believe Starfield is a masterpiece at this point?

Ninver269d ago

Please provide us with a list of the sites who gave it a 10/10. The game is no where near that standard of polish.

BaughJaughs269d ago

Could equally do that with the websites that gave it a 7. Make two shill lists while you are at it.

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raWfodog269d ago

“I can't remember the last game I played for 9 hours straight and still didn't want to stop.”

All the games that I play are like that with me. Nothing worth my time will make it past my pre-purchase research. I have too much of a backlog to just pick up and play random games. I will get around to playing Starfield eventually once it releases a complete edition with all DLC included. I’m sure that I will enjoy it.

Zombieburger638269d ago

Best to wait for modders to fix all the bugs Bethesda will refuse to patch.

Godmars290269d ago

Still, more than rather sick of you defending "Your" GotY against general contenders and actual games of the year.

VincentVanBro269d ago

English isn’t your first language is it lol

RedVest269d ago

Literal defend your goty ill defend mine spam.

execution17269d ago

🤷‍♂️ idk doesn't feel like it has that Bethesda magic for me since their previous games had me me wanting to keep on going after turning it off or wanting to play it first thing in the morning. But that's just me since I find the space exploration a bit tedious and the bugs and glitches are annoying to deal with when they do pop up

Weallgame269d ago

What bugs have u dealt with theres truly Hardly any to no game breaking

MrNinosan267d ago

Does a bug need to be game breaking to count us a bug?
I had 5 "game breaking" bugs in my 20 hours, if we count getting stuck and you're forced to fast travel out from your position and then walk all the way back (or load last save).
Also Vasco dissapeared when I met Sarah and can't be find anywhere. Not listed as crew so can't set him to any of my ships/outposts, and nowhere to be found in New Atlantis (where he decided to leave me).

First I thought he was supposed to leave me, but after some google searches I realised that wasn't the case.

The we have tons of the normal Bethesda bugs that you mostly laugh at, like flying npcs, npcs stuck in the ground, npcs not looking at you when speaking to them etc

Sonic1881269d ago (Edited 269d ago )

"I can't remember the last game I played for 9 hours straight and still didn't want to stop."

That's the way I feel about Baldur's Gate 3. I put in over 100 hours in that game already

ThinkThink269d ago

I love that! This year has been fantastic for gaming. I'm going to give baulders gate 3 a go later this year.

FinalFantasyFanatic269d ago

I wasn't going to get Baldur's Gate 3, but seeing so many people enjoy it, and having several friends/co-workers recommend it, I'm seriously reconsidering.

neutralgamer1992269d ago

This game needs 4-6 months of patches TBH. This could get a lot better and faster since they have more resources and 450 person team compared to NMS team and it’s limited resources

NMS improved so much with patches ghat many ideas which may have been cool for starfield were implemented before in NMS. So there are obvious and rightfully comparisons

There are very few objective gamers. To Xbox fans this is the GOTY and to PlayStation its a 6/10. The truth lies somewhere between. As someone who bought a XSX for this game there is no way there is fallout 3 or Skyrim type legendary game (IMO) but it has potential and thing could drastically improve

We should praise games that deserve it and give fair criticism/feedback to those that need it. That’s the only way developers can improve games. Let’s be honest NMS started out bare and today is definitely a 8.5-9/10 game and I hope Bethesda can get this game somewhere over 9/10. Right now it’s 7.5/10 for me

Sonic1881268d ago

They had a whole year to patch up the game🤔

crazyCoconuts268d ago

That sounds fair and balanced to me.
I'll give it a year or so and then try it out.