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Not only is it a new single player RPG by the makers of Fallout and The Elder Scrolls, not only is it Bethesda Game Studios’ first new IP in over two and a half decades, it’s also the first game as a first party Microsoft studio, and to top it all off, it’s coming at a time when Xbox is in desperate need for a major win.

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MrDead271d ago (Edited 271d ago )

"when Xbox is in desperate need for a major win."

So the only way Xbox has got a win was to use it's parent company to start buying up multiplatform publishers and banning them from releasing games competition!?! How is this in any way good for gamers, one of the richest companies to ever exist has no interest in making games for it's platform but instead is spending an almost combined $80 billion to limit options and ban gamers from multiplatform publishers.

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InUrFoxHole271d ago (Edited 271d ago )

Has no interest in making games for the platform? Are you upset that devs aren't going to make anymore games now or that ms purchased them? Because I can assure you, yes the devs are still going to make games. If you're upset about the latter... I challenge you to show me a company that hasn't made any purchases. It's funny you talk about limiting gamers when ms is bringing games to more gamers. Sony just price hiked psn and there is still no day and date. Where exactly did they add games, to make them more accessible?

MrDead270d ago

You're right, removing Bethesda's games from it's biggest console market is good for gamers, silly me.

"Sony just price hiked psn and there is still no day and date. Where exactly did they add games, to make them more accessible?" What are you attempting to say here, it's just rambling.

MeatyUrologist270d ago

Lol microsoft bought Bethesda when they found out Sony was trying to make Starfield a PS exclusive. Im a playstation gamer, but these console warriors are such a joke. Both companies do it....they are in the business of making of money. Im all for whatever is best for gamers but dont act like all everyone doesnt so this.

Soulsborne270d ago

Before running youre mouth do a little bit of research, starfield was meant to be a TIMED exclusive, not bought out. See the difference kiddo? Also anything M$ touches becomes a shell of its former self, the copium is strong with this one.

Rocketisleague270d ago

It was only going to.be timed exclusive because that's all.sony can afford

MeatyUrologist270d ago

Lol whatever you say souls. I said exclusive not bought out, try reading. BTW, Your mom says go clean your room and stop licking your playstation. You are the exact console warrior troll i was referring to. Get a life boy. These multibillion dollar corporations don't care about you.

jonivtec270d ago (Edited 270d ago )

Get a gaming PC....problem solved ! You get the best of both world.

JL2930270d ago

Nice flex of your 10th gen Intel CPU. Clown.

MrDead270d ago


Its a 3 year old PC, can't call that a flex.

Old McGroin270d ago

@ MrDead

"So the only way Xbox has got a win was to use it's parent company to start buying up multiplatform publishers and banning them from releasing games competition!?!"

Let me know when Spiderman and Uncharted are releasing on Xbox, buddy 👍

MrDead270d ago

...and what multiplatform publisher got removed from competing platforms for those to be Sony exclusives?

jonivtec270d ago


Lot of people can live whitout spiderman my Friend..

ChasterMies270d ago

Apparently “Starfield” would be worse if Xbox didn’t need a win. 🤦🏻‍♂️

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GamerRN270d ago

@MrDead yeah, like Sony did to curate all the exclusives they currently have. You forget, every company they have started independent. They bought them and made exclusives.

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anast270d ago

Xbox studios didn't make this games and if they did it would be a major L for them.

Old McGroin270d ago

How so, it's getting very solid reviews?

darthv72270d ago

I thought you were enjoying it? You said so in another article.

pezking270d ago

Ok pony.

It's their take on mass effect and it's great.

Stay mad.

Soulsborne270d ago

You do NOT game if this is a 10, then again xbots dont do anything other try out whats on the GP netflix this week.

patriz420270d ago

I've got 10 hours in, I'm pretty mixed...sometimes the graphics look good then other times it's horrendous graphics and textures 🤣terrible map for exploring 99% barren lands. Menus are a nightmare to navigate, very sloppy and frustrating for gear and resources...this isn't the same Bethesda that brought us oblivion and fallout 3...thats for sure..😅 it's definitely got some charm but meh...nothing innovative or new...the space travel is the worst tbh it's structured like outer worlds...its crazy limited..not even close to no man's sky freedom...a ridiculous amount of loading screens...everything is loading screens...from my personal experience so far all those high scores are reaching...I don't get the hype at this point...its like a solid 6 at best... baffles me how its getting perfect scores , when anyone who plays can see these problems...

PraxxtorCruel270d ago (Edited 270d ago )

Your whole paragraph is just negatives. I'm gonna take your review with a tablespoon of salt.

patriz420270d ago (Edited 270d ago )

I was stating some negatives I found and questioning how its still getting 10s implying perfect scores..its baffling...the bounty missions I've done so far are fun, gunplay is tight and pretty satisfying, voice acting and animations are pretty slick...I didn't notice much issue with 30fps (playing on series x) it felt smooth and fluid...consistent frames
(haven't noticed any dips yet) lore is awesome, great art direction and story so far. Photo mode is awesome and some incredible vistas. It's not all bad lol (I'm only 10 hours in) but you will certainly see for yourself..curious now to see if you will agree with some of my points lol

Father__Merrin270d ago

GamingBolt is the most purest shill review site ever. The fact that they even mentioned Xbox needed a win wtf is this

sadraiden270d ago

Blatant corpo dick sucking. Pathetic.