Starfield review: "The best thing Bethesda's done since Oblivion" - Gamesradar

Starfield is an expansive and beautifully crafted open world experience full of endless discovery and opportunities.

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Tacoboto272d ago

Oblivion has been my favorite Elder Scrolls. Skyrim didn't capture me quite like that one did; back in 2006 a bud and I would chat over XBL as we went through our own playthroughs.

100%ed that, 1000/1000 achievements over like 130 hours, and practically binged through all its DLCs. Transformative experience back in the day that changed my perspective on what a game could be.

Excited to start up Starfield in just over an hour now.

Tankbusta40272d ago

Depending on age...Daggerfall was mind bending...then Morrowind was the pinnacle....Oblivion was amazing...then Skyrim was probably the worst of those listed(while being a wonderful game in its own regard but against the other three when they were released it was a bit underwhelming)

SyntheticForm271d ago

Oblivion's Dark Brotherhood questline was so well done with some great twists and turns. I'll never forget the feeling I had at the end of it. I have to add that I absolutely hated Skyrim's DB questline and thought it was pure poop. Replacing the macabre and somber tone of Oblivion's DB with the lighthearted and comical cheese of Skyrim's was unforgivable to me.

But yeah, Oblivion, Fallout 3, and so far, Starfield, are peak Bethesda imo.

Eidolon271d ago

You've played through Starfield already and it's peak Bethesda, even before Day 1 patches? damn

SyntheticForm271d ago


May want to read that again.

SyntheticForm271d ago (Edited 271d ago )


"And so far" would suggest that I *haven't* played through it already but am impressed *so far.*

Yes, I'm enjoying Starfield immensely. You're a touch aggressive over someone else's enjoyment of an entertainment product. Might want to figure out what's making you so ragey and get some assistance with it. Poor emotional development. You're not going to last at this rate.

Class_Viceroy271d ago

It's been out 1 day and Starfield is peak Bethesda in your opinion? Interesting you can come to a conclusion on that without hundreds of hours invested like the other games.

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anast272d ago

It might be a 5/5 to some people while comparing it to other Bethesda games, but it's not a 5/5 comparing to other space games.

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Snookies12272d ago

No Man's Sky and Mass Effect are the only real examples I can think of. Not a whole lot that are noteworthy, honestly.

sagapo271d ago

Elite Dangerous but haven’t played it myself.

Eidolon271d ago

Outer Worlds was another one that was Falloutish, but in space.

272d ago
ichdich272d ago

The best thing Bethesda's done since Oblivion

Bobertt272d ago

This is surprising since other reviews says the dialogue, quests, characters, and environments are worse than Fallout 3, Fallout 4, and Skyrim.

InUrFoxHole271d ago

That's called an opinion my friend. Like how other reviews like it as well. Just opinions. My advice find a reviewer that has your same gaming taste and use them as a guide not your end all be all

Eidolon271d ago

Yeah like how people found High on Life or Atomic Heart dialogue cringe or annoying, and I thought that criticism was overblown.