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Starfield is far from meeting the expectations it has generated over the years. It is a game from another era, with obvious seams and that are not typical of the year that we are in.

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S2Killinit271d ago

That is what I though. Then saw your comment. Its well explained. Harsh but well explained.

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Jin_Sakai272d ago (Edited 272d ago )

It’s always clickbait when it not what you want to hear right?

pezking272d ago

almost every video review I've watched on youtube loved the game.

stay mad.

DankSinatra271d ago

Yea just like when any of the outlets do this for any popular game right?

S2Killinit271d ago (Edited 271d ago )

It doesn’t help starfield that it released right next to Baldur’s Gate 3.

OptimusDK271d ago

Funny how this exact review g’ets most attention on n4g.

Critic Reviews (58)
Generally Favorable Reviews
46 Positive Ratings 90%
5 Mixed Ratings 9%
0 Negative Ratings 0%
Based on 51 Critic Reviews

itsmebryan271d ago

They are reporting 230,000 concurrent players and the game isn't even out yet to full release. I'm enjoying it so, far. They also did great with the sound. I have a 7.1 surround system and the really use the rear and side speakers if a person or something is behind you or nice to you.

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GhostScholar272d ago

58 is ridiculous. I knew there would be some lying about it but 58 when we had gollum at 50. Nah bruh

Jin_Sakai272d ago

“Downvotes from haters 😭”

Damage control from fanboys.

ModsDoBetter272d ago (Edited 272d ago )

Damage control? Where did I do that in my comment, you absolute fool?

Jin_Sakai269d ago

You’re doing damage control because you’re calling out people as haters for downvoting your comment. Then you proceeded to call me a fool.

anast272d ago

And in this review its almost a 6, which is better than Gollum.

Rocketisleague272d ago

58 is ridiculous, so is anything over 8. The games a 7 through and through. Bethesda have shown they are stuck in 2009 and can no longer keep up.

GhostScholar272d ago

Dude nothing about the scope of this game is stuck in the 2009. The scope is 100x anything they’ve done before. Also it’s the best story they’ve told.

Rocketisleague272d ago

Doing the same thing on a bigger scope doesn't make it better. What is it? A Bethesda rpg or a space exploration game? The answer is..it's a half assed version of both. As usual Bethesda half ass everything. Thet gave up making in depth quality since 2005.

You can keep making crap when competition has been rising to the top for tye last 15 years.

Far as I can tell, Bethesda found a way out. Microsoft buying then was the final step, they're just another bioware now

Tapani272d ago

The 100x scope is achieved by randomly generating 95% of the environments. One reviewer already said that he went to the EXACT same cave with EXACT same loot and enemy placement on a completely different planet.

S2Killinit271d ago

@I GhostScholar
I recommend that you read the review.

Crows90271d ago


Calling Bethesda a bioware is a bit overkill. Bethesda has always had buggy messy games with a lot of fun in them.


Okay hold your horses...you didn't play Morrowind did you?

Rocketisleague271d ago

That's true, outside of morrowind Bethesda never really did hit the quality of bioware

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Crows90271d ago

58vmeans broken...not sure that's the case here. It's nearly like giving it a 2/5.

Highly doubtful

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