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Bethesda's spacefaring adventure has its moments with impressive scale, satisfying combat, and some worthwhile side quests, but its shallow RPG systems and uninspired vision of the cosmos make for a journey that's a mile wide, but an inch deep.

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anast265d ago (Edited 265d ago )

Now I know why they didn't give out a bunch of copies. It's going to get hit hard. Yes, I am enjoying this.

sagapo265d ago

87 on both meta and open critic so far. But keep enjoying yourself, lol.

anast265d ago

Those 10s were auto-given.

Aloymetal264d ago

It could be a 100 on metacritic and 11/10 on all websites and still wouldn't matter because that's what lord Phil said not long ago. But keep enjoying yourself...

Tacoboto265d ago

Metacritic right now with 44 reviews is an 87

Two points higher than Spiderman Miles Morales' 85 with 89 reviews
Same score as Spider-Man 2018 after 116 reviews.

I guess I don't know what you're enjoying? Are you looking at these like they're Redfall reviews?

ABizzel1265d ago

Not to aid him in his foolishness, but both those games have 2x the amount of reviews, while starfield has purposefully limited the number of review copies sent to the media which could affect them long term.

anast265d ago

The fact you have to compare it to the lowest bar is telling.

Jin_Sakai265d ago (Edited 265d ago )


This is Xbox new Halo, their new flagship title and while It’s not doing bad it’s far from GOTY contender Microsoft made it out to be.

And why are you comparing Starfield to Spider-Man? Sony didn’t make it out to be the next big thing like Microsoft did with Starfield. A decade in the making after all. It’s THE game as Phil said in an interview.

MrNinosan264d ago

How does it compare with games like The Last of Us Remake, The Last of Us 2, God of War Ragnarok, Demon's Souls, Horizon Forbidden West, Final Fantasy VII Remake etc?

MarkSony2264d ago

Miles Morales deserved a 90.

Bobertt264d ago

It's not the GOTY they hyped it up to be though and all the reviews i have seen so far say outside of gun combat it does a worse job at the things that made previous Bethesda games great. So for Bethesda at least it's better than Fallout 76 but not a return to form.

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darthv72264d ago

...seems a lot of people are enjoying this as well (judging by all the good scores). The game sounds like it really gets better the more you play it. Some say its best to play through the main game first and then do new game + to really go out and explore.

I hope to enjoy it too.

MontyeKristo264d ago

Kinda lame that you enjoy something like that. A little bit sad, a little bit pathetic.

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Killa78265d ago

To be fair, Bethesda was still a bargain at 8bn 👀

solideagle265d ago

Insomniac was a bargain (229 million) not Bathesda :D

MrNinosan264d ago

You forgot the /s and therefore less smart creatures will downvote you.