Starfield launches as a polished, consistent experience on Xbox Series X and Series S

Graphics, performance and image quality: how the consoles compare.

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Obscure_Observer272d ago


Thank you, Todd, Phil and everyone involved at Bethesda and Team Xbox!

JokerBoy129272d ago (Edited 272d ago )

I've been banned multiple times for pointing this out, but here I go again. Look at the downvotes you got and notice all you did was be positive and excited. Sony fanboys are going to downvote anyone happy about this game and the admins of this site will support it.

343_Guilty_Spark272d ago

Fuq em. Nobody cares about them.


Have you looked through this clowns comment history?

Stanjara271d ago

This is downvoted also because outside of firs few hours and the main quest line, game has bugs.

Epecially NPCs flying away or going down through the map unabeling you to start conversations aka not finishing quests.

ZeekQuattro272d ago

Will be playing this into the wee hours of the morning tonight. I took three days off to focus on this game with minimal distractions.

mkis007272d ago (Edited 272d ago )

Well it looks like my initial guess of the exploration not being amazing due to the non-seemless nature of travel was right. In a world where no mans sky doesn't exist, this could have been rated higher.

JokerBoy129272d ago

Pretty sure Todd said a long time ago it wouldn't be seamless on Lex Fridman's podcast. We've seen gameplay showing how some of the travel works for awhile now and it looks how it should have been expected. Not sure why people thought there would be no loading

mkis007272d ago (Edited 272d ago )

It's less about not knowing/being told, and more about not accepting it as an excuse for what the game is supposed to be. Would only having 100 planets have made it feasable? 50?

When I explore I hate loading screens taking me out of the interconnected nature of the world. Is it really the vastness of space im exploring or just a bunch of maps? It's why The old republic didnt sit with me too.

JokerBoy129272d ago

@mkis007 I get it if this type of game isn't for you but this is what Todd Howard's games have always been. If you don't like menus and loading screens then stay away.

ZeekQuattro272d ago

People see and hear what they want to a lot of times. Which inevitably leads to those individuals being mad when a dev doesnt deliver on a promise they never made in the first place.

mkis007272d ago

Ill reserve judgment for when i play it for myself, but exploration is the biggest part of bethesda games for me.

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SyntheticForm271d ago (Edited 271d ago )

You've got to be realistic though.

You can't have the "seamlessness" of NMS coupled with all the assets, asset quality, lighting, shadows, cities, characters, weapons, values, dialogue, and overall general fidelity of a AAA game on a console.

The reason NMS is able to achieve that "seamlessness" is because there's not much going on in the game's world(s). It's all very barren and devoid of detail/assets compared to a Bethesda type world - in fact it's entirely procedural.

What you're asking was never feasible and should never have been expected by anyone.

That said, I cannot tell you that some of your disappointment as well as other's disappointment isn't merited. The game isn't perfect.

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Starfield's recent player spike is good, but it needs its Cyberpunk 2077 moment now

Starfield's recent player spike is a good sign, but Bethesda desperately need to line up their Cyberpunk 2077 moment.

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ZeekQuattro5d ago

I feel like the second big update that releases late this year will do just that. Part of the story expansion is also new means of transportation on planets.

P_Bomb5d ago

A good DLC could turn some heads. The Destiny games got momentum that way too.

piher5d ago

What player spike?

I checked steamcharts through the link in the article and it went from 8,000 to 11.500, so yea 20% but when the game peaked at 330,000 It's safe to say that the actual effect of this update was negligible.