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It's Bethesda's biggest RPG by far, but nowhere near its best.

265d ago
RupeeHoarder265d ago

This is NOT the release Xbox needed. The hits just keep on coming. This game needed to be a literal 10/10 GOTY candidate. Well, back to the old Forza Motorsport drawing board, hope everyone loves racing games.

crazyCoconuts265d ago

And this is with all of Xbox coming together to make this game shine over the last year or so. Well at least there's an Imagine Dragons music video

MatrixxGT265d ago

So a game has to be a 9 or 10 to be good? If they gave it 9’s and 10’s you guys complain about Bethesda getting a free pass. A legit 7.5 and it’s all sudden a horrible unplayable waste of time..smh.

At this point why don’t we get rid of review scores all together and just go with a “buy” “don’t buy” system.

shinoff2183264d ago

I think Sony fans are just giving back the same energy xbox fans gave out. Not even just recently but even back during 360 ps3. If your old enough my God xbox fans went hard.

RupeeHoarder264d ago

a 7.5 is absolutely a disappointment for Starfield considering the hype and the lack of anything to play.

MrNinosan264d ago

That's not the point.
Xbox has had many mediocre to good games, but 0 exceptional games which they really need. All the hopes has been put on Starfield to carry that flag, and many of us, Sony-fans as well, would've hoped that was going to happen.

If MS can't give us the Sony-versions of God of War, Last of Us and Spider-Man, by buying up the best studios around the world, how will the future shape.

I will play through Starfield and hopefully love it, but not being close to perfect will have a negative effect, especially on this game and of the worth of GamePass.

kneon264d ago

It's not what xbox needed, but it's what was to be expected given their track record

MontyeKristo264d ago

A 7.5 is not even a bad score. Idk why there's this huge misconception that anything under a 9 is a bad game.

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Si-Fly265d ago

Oh well … back to BG3 then.

Tapani264d ago

The major Patch 2 is awesome! Most of the problems were fixed, and performance is also better. Just in time for the final part of the game which I landed in after 110 hrs :)

VenomUK264d ago

I don’t normally hold much stock in individual reviews anymore, but i looked at the Starfield reviews as a collective to see which way the wind is blowing and was surprised to see some lower marks - this PC Gamer review and the IGN review make clear the main criticism: The lack of a unified space travel system which reduces that sense of an open world / open universe.

Si-Fly264d ago

It’s an odd situation because the sites giving the lowest scores are the ones I’d usually just ignore anyway! I’ve been listening to NoClip’s Starfield podcast this morning and they’ve actually got my hype levels back up to the point I’m considering paying for the early access when I’m back from work tonight 🤣

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execution17264d ago

Just like the xbox simps giving it perfect scores even tho the game dips to single digit frames, buggy ai, bugs, can't even fly to or from planets cause it's just static, planet exploration pales in comparison to no mans sky

Yung-T264d ago

Author literally says he worshipped Elder Scrolls&Fallout and played hundreds of hours on each one, even going as far as roleplaying as an NPC.

At least read the article and try to make a sound argument, instead of being a blind fanboy and writing absolute nonsense here.

anast265d ago

I keep seeing it's Fallout 4/Skyrim. It's Bethesda sleaze right there.


The Fallout aliens should be in it. If not, deduct a point from the score.

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ThinkThink6d ago

The latest rumor is flight simulator 2024 is heading to PS5 this year.

romulus235d ago

That would be a great game to go multiplat. I would definitely pick that one up on PS5.

helicoptergirl5d ago

I would too