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With Starfield the Bethesda RPG format goes traditional sci-fi, to less than stellar results. Who knew space could feel so familiar?

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seanpitt23265d ago

Damn looks like it's a dumpster fire!

S2Killinit264d ago

It looks like its going to be mediocre at best.

S2Killinit264d ago

Considering they limited reviews to select reviewers, Im not very confident of the 87. Its sitting at only 51 reviews currently.

S2Killinit263d ago

Well, sorry for stating the obvious.

Operation1223262d ago

88 on metaciritc compared to fallout 4 with an 84 on metacritic

S2Killinit262d ago

87 not 88 on metacritic. But its all the same I guess.

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Vx_264d ago

I did call it out , from their fishy review embargo date and that leaked gameplay footage. But hey!! I got attacked for stating the obvious! which is that the game is boring and average looking at best.

blackblades264d ago

Bruh you literally just copy and pasted from IGN review

OptimusDK264d ago

LOL it is still 87 with lots of perfect scores! But hey you saw it all.

Sitdown264d ago

Congratulations...what would you like? So sad to see gamers be so happy about stuff like this.

Vx_264d ago (Edited 264d ago )

@blackbalded , will mr.smarthead ever thought it the same account? The one on ign is me, obviously. I even tagged you now on the same ign post.🥴

Vx_264d ago

@ Old McGroin
No I’m just stating facts, because when I stated my opinion based on Bethesda‘s behavior I got attacked both here and on ign… so yah it’s my right to remind those triggered that I stand right on my opinion about this average looking game.

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Northpoint264d ago

Knew it. But hey, this is Game Pass quality.

Chris12264d ago

Currently 87 on Metacritic after 51 reviews, but you focus on one review from a trash website because it makes you feel better. Love it.

itsmebryan264d ago

Good thing they won't have to "suffer" through Starfield.

OptimusDK264d ago

And i guess you hobby is small horse riding

aconnellan264d ago (Edited 264d ago )

Yeah let’s just ignore all the 8, 9, and 10 scores and call it a dumpster fire because one site gave it a 5 .

To contextualise, it’s currently sitting at the same metacritic score as Spider-Man and Horizon Zero Dawn. Would you consider those dumpster fires?

seanpitt23264d ago

@inurfoxhole yeah for a game that's been in the making for 25 years!! Should be 90 plus with all the money time and resources they had

OptimusDK264d ago

LOL it is so funny that the worst of all reviews rise to the top of N4G. It has a metacritic of 87 and a lot a lot of perfect scores. But funny enough all the worst get promoted to the top here!
But i guess that never changes. Many on the horse riding side wish so much this to fail that it is laughable.

S2Killinit264d ago

You think the same thing doesn't happen to the PlayStation games? They even limited reviews to select reviewers for this one. It doesn't bode well.

ocelot07264d ago

Though I agree 87 is a great score.

Why is it only 51 reviews? Forza Horizon 5 had over 100 reviews and that got a well deserved 92.

Halo Infinite got the same very good 87 but again had a lot more reviews at 90+.

Spiderman another title with 87 has over 110 reviews.

RupeeHoarder264d ago (Edited 264d ago )

Metacritic 87 and IGN’s score was added to the PC metacritic score and not the Xbox one. Pretty fishy. Should be sitting at about an 85 right now with more to come.

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PhillyDillyDee265d ago

Lol paste magazine tryin to stand out

CrashMania265d ago

Gamespot too, I had an early-ish copy of the game and I'd give it a 7 at best so far. A decent game but far from living up to the huge hype, it'll end up in the low 80s probably, still good but defintiely overhyped.

The biggest positive is that it's not as buggy as previous bethesda games and performance is good, 30fps considering, the biggest let down for me is exploration, it's much less enjoyable than the likes of Skyrim and even Fallout 4 for me.

LordoftheCritics265d ago

Is this the Author's first game review.

Look at the website.

PhillyDillyDee265d ago (Edited 265d ago )

Ok? Are we using IGN as our aggregate or something? IGNs main complaint is that it takes several hours for everything to really gel together.