Cheapest way to play Starfield early revealed - here's what to do

Talal writes: "The good news is that we've found a way to play the game earlier for cheaper than you would have thought, which we'll go into below."

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shadowT273d ago (Edited 273d ago )

nobody will pay full price for Starfield. Get the Xbox Game Pass Ultimate for $10.99 and finish the game in one month. Cancel Game pass again after this month.

RavenWolfx273d ago

This is fine, but maybe give it a few patches first.

crazyCoconuts273d ago

Right. Assuming it's ok, I'll wait for Nvidia DLSS and other enhancements

JEECE273d ago

Steam Charts will tell the tale. The "number of players" announcements we get from Xbox will be meaningless because they won't distinguish between those who bought the game and those who got it via game pass, but if the Steam concurrent numbers are are high, we'll know people actually bought the game.

wesnytsfs272d ago

Who cares how they access the game. Its a first party game it will move consoles no doubt and raise GamePass numbers. The devs are going to keep getting paid if the sales are full retail or thru gamepass.

JEECE272d ago


I mean, in a broad sense I don't care how people access the game. I was responding to the assertion that this game isn't going to sell significant numbers. The Xbox user numbers are irrelevant on that point, so I noted that the relevant metric will be the Steam Charts. If it has high Steam Concurrents, we will know it sold well.

Sonic1881273d ago

I believe a lot of gamers will be doing that. Microsoft reward points is beneficial as well

MetroidFREAK21273d ago

I'll be buying it for full price

darthv72273d ago

I will play it on gamepass but i also plan on buying the disc at some point. Have to put something in the steelbook case that I plan on buying.

vallencer273d ago

I bought it on steam at full price and I have game pass. Modding is infinitely easier on steam so I don't mine paying the price for the game considering it's going to last me hundreds of hours.

Othegamer5273d ago (Edited 273d ago )

lol i love when you haters try n make it seem like everyone else is a bitter fanboy like you. "nobody will pay full price for starfield" LOL.

Top selling game on steam rn btw. you look foolish


Umm it’s number one on Steam….

Gamer75273d ago

"nobody will pay full price for Starfield." apart from the people that will buy the game for full price

Abear21272d ago

What if I want to play another game and go through Starfield over the course of the next year or more, not play it like it’s my job?

wesnytsfs272d ago

Steam sales charts beg to differ.

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LoveSpuds273d ago

It's typical of my luck that I bought my Series X with two years membership to GamePass Ultimate and it ran out last month. Over that 2 years I barely touched the Series X. Now I am without membership a game gets added that I would really like to play.

I think my plan is to wait for 6 months or so and let Starfield get patched and hope one or two other quality titles get added before I pay for Gamepass again. I have a monster backlog on my PS5 and Switch to keep me more than occupied but it's still going to be tough to resist Starfield, I really hope the game delivers, it looks fab so.

MrNinosan273d ago

Did the same but bought it almost 3 years ago (at release). The game I've played most was Lost Odyssey, and the I've played some Forza, Halo Infinite and MS Flight Sim to see what the buzz been about.

I will happily dust off the X again tomorrow, but not as happy that I've paid 2 years of GamePass for nothing.

talocaca273d ago

Same here. Got a Series S with 3 years of GamePass. Barely ever play it (I did finally get to play Sunset Overdrive).

I guess I'll try Starfield and maybe pay a month if there's ever a game I would rather not buy 🤷‍♂️

raWfodog273d ago

“I think my plan is to wait for 6 months or so…”

It’s gonna be much longer before I get Starfield as I’ll be waiting for the inevitable complete edition with all DLC included. Like you, I also have a huge backlog of games that I still need/want to get through so Starfield will just get added to the pile :)

Haki1112273d ago

Had gamepass upgraded to the deluxe edition for 30 with it

wesnytsfs272d ago

Im trying hard to resist temptation and do the same thing.

CrimsonWing69273d ago (Edited 273d ago )

Correct me if I’m wrong, but if you have just the Game Pass subscription and this digital upgrade, you’d need to keep paying for Gamepass to access your game that you bought an upgrade for.

So, like continuously pay for Gamepass or do this and then buy the physical game cheaper on Black Friday? 🤷‍♂️

Or just buy the game like people normally did back in the day. I dunno… unless you’re good paying for a month of Gamepass and an additional upgrade to the game and then never playing the game again once the subscription is up, then yea, I guess this is cheap.

Chryzz23273d ago

yup gotta keep paying for gamepass even if you bought the upgrade

MrNinosan272d ago

I paid for 1 month GamePass, and the Premium Upgrade, and will probably be done before the end of September and never look back.

wesnytsfs272d ago

Gonna need to play a lot. This game is not the average 20 hour or less game.

mkis007273d ago

This only works if you plan on subscribing to gamepass any month you want to play it or buying the base game later. It is a first party game so it will never leave gamepass at least.