Starfield Planets Could Be Divided Into Regions With Invisible Boundaries, Suggests Leak

A leaked image suggests that Starfield planets may feature the dreaded region boundaries to prevent players from exploring whole planets.

Lightning77296d ago

According to Jez Cordon that's not totally accurate he called it a "half truth whatever that means. He wouldn't go into full detail he said wait for the embargo to lift when reviews release.

Gotta keep it forward. Few days ago Pete Hines said you can explore the entire planet. If that ends up not being the case then They're a bunch of liars as they usually are.


mkis007295d ago

it means loading zones I'm guessing as Bethesda can't seem to make a seamless world...but thankfully all will be done via mods...

jeromeface295d ago

mods won't fix engine limitations... this is prob only a console concern anyway

KyRo295d ago

And this is the issue with all Bethesda games. Mods shouldn't be the answer to Bethesdas incapability.

"...The game may have bugs, glitches, broken quests, poor animations and terrible voice acting like every Bethesda gamee before it, but it's okay, with mods, all can be forgotten.
- 10/10"

I hate the media bias towards Bethesda when they scrutinise any other games with the same issues.

That said, I do hope Starfield is their turning point. The bits I have watched does look a lot less janky than TES and Fallout so hopefully this is their much needed change.

InUrFoxHole295d ago

Yeah, I would assume loading zones... honestly as long as it's not too frequent I'm ok with it

Rocketisleague295d ago

This is not a space exploration game, its not even an exploration game, its a bethesda action 'rpg' and what they typically give out. Just because you have a ship and its in space doesn't make it a space exploration game. Think Mass effect, Kotor or any game set in multiple planets before 2011.

If you want a hi sci fi try the outer wilds, no mans sky, or star citizen if you really want a mechanically impressive space demo.

This game is hyped up to be what star citizen is 'trying' to be. And of course it'll never reach that, maybe nothing ever will. But that doesn't stop bethesda from lying as if it is doing what star citizen is doing.

wiz7191294d ago

@Kyro it’s not the answer but they aren’t stupid either .. they support mods heavily and know modders will make extensive mods , so why not just give them a canvas to flex their creativity? I agree on companies shouldn’t release incomplete games and wait on mods to fix it. It’s a different story when they give modders a platform to work ..

mkis007294d ago


Pc games work on a variety of hardware configs...the guaranteed nvme in series x is actually a boon over what the minimum pc spec is...only an ssd.

DigitallyAfflicted294d ago

Over-promises ruined so many great games, we Ga, ears understand what is loading for… even on consoles. Developers need to have some faith in us

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EvertonFC295d ago

16X the detail 😂🤣
I can see this getting mixed reviews all over the place tbh.
It'll get its automatic 10/10 from the usual crowd but mixed freviews from thebotioer outlets like sacred symbols, jaffe etc.
Kinda funny will wa*k all over it as usual (bless)

DarXyde295d ago

I still think a minimum meta of 88 is going to be the outcome. I also think it will get a GOTY nomination —I can't say it'll win because it has stiff competition, but I think it'll be a nominee at least.

Issues with Bethesda games really take a back seat to the general experience. They're never really polished, but the issues will be second to the experience. Yes, the lack of polish is, in fact, part of the experience, but I think you know what I mean here.

These games are not my cup of tea, but as an "outsider" looking at what the game is, the scale, etc. I have a difficult time believing this game will not get some serious accolades.

Let's put a pin in this one, mate.

Mr Pumblechook295d ago

Is this leak actually correct? The 2016 indie game No Man’s Sky allows you to get in your spacecraft and circle a planet and land wherever you want. I’m sure in the multimillion dollar Starfield you can do this, if I recall, the gameplay trailer showed a spacecraft landing on a planet.

jwillj2k4295d ago

A good story with branching that keeps you engaged makes it extremely easy to over look glitchy behavior. Loading zones were normal up until not too long ago. I don’t have an Xbox but a lot of what I’m hearing is only happening BECAUSE this game is an exclusive.

lucian229295d ago

Mr pumble, yes it is true, interviews even say you can't fly the ship on planet, can't enter atmosphere, can drive vehicles either. Game is trash, not to mention using an ancient engine.

MrNinosan295d ago

Kind of Funny will give it 5/5 due to Mike having so much influence on the others nowadays.
Even if those games are not Gregs cupmof tea, he will end up with a 4 or 5. Mark my words 😏

-Foxtrot294d ago

The worst part about all this is because it’s now an Xbox exclusive it’s going to be

Any criticism / opinions = automatic Playstation fanboy

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TheKingKratos295d ago

" Few days ago Pete Hines said you can explore the entire planet. If that ends up not being the case then They're a bunch of liars as they usually are.


Won't be the first time they lied.

Lightning77295d ago

There's a guy on Tick tock explaining it. Basically you can explore entire planets and it takes 45 minutes from one end to the planet to other end. Which is still 4x the size of common wealth in Fall Out 4. In real life yeah it would take you I dunno maybe a year? Anyway I don't think this will hurt the game not a single bit. Especially when there's just too much going on I keep my eye on these things and it's just overblown rage.

Sure I guess if you want to skip everything and take 45 minuted alone running around not doing anything on 1000 planets skipping missions and dynamic quest and all the Bethesda stuff then ppl can knock themselves out.

Bobertt295d ago (Edited 295d ago )

According the the article to reach the boundary you have to walk for 40 minutes in real time which is long just for exploration in a game so even if they don't have the entire physical planet to look around it's still larger than other games. Having a large area filled with stuff to do is better than an unlimited area with emptiness in my opinion.

But that aside it could still actually be fully explorable like Pete Hines said if it's divided into landing regions like the article speculates. Maybe there is an issue with the engine and loading all the assets in an area at once so to not have performance issues the area is divided into regions and when you hit the border then you take the ship to a new spot while it loads in the assets past the previous border. That way the entire planet would still be explorable like he said.

Rocketisleague294d ago

From the leaks i've found online

You can't swim underwater.
NPC AI seems worse that older games.
The zones are literally randomly generated content outside of the handcrafted ones.
Zones don't connect seemlessly with one another at all - > if you get to the edge of a zone and go to the next zone, that new zone is created on the fly and loads you in, if you look behind you...the zone you just came from does not exist.

Seriously, wtf are bethesda thinking. Their failings of the last 2 gens are shining through. They got away with an aquisition from MS just like Activision are trying to.

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VenomUK295d ago

I don't think this planet-subsection system will detract from the overall quality of Starfield and I am still very much looking forward to it!

However, when the story is about landing on different planets and flying off to new ones then it makes sense for the gameplay to allow you to do this too. In No Man's Sky you can get in your ship and fly AROUND a planet, or fly off out of its atmosphere which all aids in that sense of freedom.

The Elder Scrolls's freedom of movement was marketed as 'see that mountain over there, you can climb it'. If you can't do that on a planet with a ship in Starfield then I SUSPECT it's because the game engine was made for the purely North to South, East to West exploration of TES and the Fallout games, which doesn't allow you to loop around one side to another of a planet..

When Cyberpunk 2077 was released it had spawning police which was due to the fact that the programmers couldn't work out how to include a better system - this was a game with multi million pound development costs!


I'm expecting Starfield will turn out to be a fine game, but IF this is the issues then Microsoft/Bethesda should've found a solution to make it happen.

FlavorLav01295d ago

Paywalls in space.Hilarious if true! Maybe that’s what they should’ve called it.

Hofstaderman295d ago

Oof. But then again it’s a Bethesda game, what did you guys expect?

Othegamer5295d ago

a great game like 80% of the games they release

poppatron295d ago

If there aren’t any vehicles on the planets than I certainly don’t want to spend five days traipsing across the surface of some barren dust bowl of a planet.

jwillj2k4295d ago

Yes this is brutal. There are no vehicles in this game. Honestly it should be delayed because of this fact. I can’t imagine walking a barren planet. You’re basically going to have to pickup/put down your ship everywhere but that doesn’t fix the situation, just adds more loading screens.