How to unlock the Arena in Armored Core 6

Trying to unlock the Arena in Armored Core 6? From Software’s latest instalment into the mech battling series has brought back a host of features from previous games. Among them, of course, is the Arena – a staple gamemode of the series.

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Dandizzle182d ago

You unlock it by progressing past a few missions.... saved you a click


Armored Core 6 Sales Performed "Beyond Expectations" Last Quarter According to Kadokawa

According to parent company Kadokawa, Armored Core 6 sales performed "beyond expectations" at the end of last year, as did Elden Ring sales.

XiNatsuDragnel16d ago (Edited 16d ago )

Good game excited for 7

FinalFantasyFanatic15d ago

I loved it, no surprise it did well because there's nothing like it and the fans have been starved of a new game for 10 years. It also helps that the game is fun and complete, no DLC/micro transactions or season passes either, which is typical of From Software games, I can't wait for Armored Core 7!

UltimateOwnage14d ago

Its a fantastic game. It plays great on my Deck as well, so its an equally amazing portable game. No IAP's, no online requirement, just raw, exciting gameplay. The way games used to be. More of this, and they will get my day-1 money instead of waiting for sales to buy in.


Best Action Game of 2023

VGChartz's Paul Broussard: "A relatively quiet year on the surface for action titles gave room for some smaller titles to shine on the big stage, demonstrating that lesser-known AAA series and even indie titles can dazzle when given the chance. Amongst the crowd, however, four stood out.

Double Dragon Gaiden: Rise of the Dragons brought old school 2D brawling back into the limelight, with it holding up just as well as it did in 1987. Also coming out of retirement was Armored Core, with its sixth installment demonstrating to the public that From Software hasn’t lost its edge with mech combat during all those years working on Souls games. Ghostrunner 2 recaptured the platforming/sword swinging magic of the first title, while polishing some of the rougher edges and introducing a few welcome mechanics. Finally, Hi-Fi RUSH infused a musical rhythm into traditional action gameplay, with a colorful cast of characters and memorable soundtrack backing up solid combat mechanics."

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Leeroyw54d ago

Alan Wake 2 goty is their answer.

repsahj54d ago

Nowadays, if you release your game in late December, it will be automatically GOTY. If Alan Wake 2 is released in January, it will be forgotten in a couple of months.

ItzArditrus34d ago

That is not why it works at all there is a cutoff point for GOTY hense Spider-Man 2 not beign nominated for anything at the golden joysticks or the game awards