The stunning Samsung Odyssey G7 now has 25% off on Amazon

The Samsung Odyssey G7 monitor deal is definitely not one to miss if you want to upgrade to QLED.

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-Foxtrot100d ago

Why is an advert of some kind pinned?

Asplundh100d ago

Because the people who bought N4G also own Videogamer.com and now this site breaks it's own rules to generate cash for its owners.


Wow, that site is so bad I'm shocked it can afford to stay active let alone buy another site.

Snookies12100d ago

Lol! The person who disagreed with you was probably the one who pinned it...

filipakos99d ago

odyssey g7 is not the same as odyssey g7 neo thats on the article picture

DOMination-99d ago (Edited 99d ago )

Indeed, you're correct.

As mentioned above, videogamer is now a sister company of N4G and I'm pretty sure it's been confirmed that their articles are generated by AI with little human moderation leading to nonsense like this. Welcome to the new N4G.

bunt-custardly99d ago (Edited 99d ago )

I am tempted to report this as LAME, but would probably get reprimanded by Christopher (the submitter) for doing so.

cl198398d ago

You're free to report any story as lame as long as it's not being done maliciously.

staticall99d ago

Feels really weird to see this ad pinned on the main page of n4g. I get that Christopher is probably being forced to do so, that it wasn't his idea. But still, it rubs me the wrong way.
Not to mention, this article is just a way to give you a referral link to amazon, so they can get even more money from you, feels dirty. And it's posted in "News", even though they have a "Deals" category.

bunt-custardly99d ago (Edited 99d ago )

Yeh I noticed that too, which means regardless of any affiliate linkage sales, they are getting our clicks to the article here on N4G (loads of ads if you don't want to use adblock), also click to Videogamer, getting ad revenue from N4G and Videogamer in a triple whammy ads extravaganza.

-Foxtrot99d ago

Oh yeah I don’t think it’s Christopher’s fault

He’s just doing what he’s told most likely…it’s a job at the end of the day

Don’t know why the people who bought the site don’t pin it and stop using him as a scape goat since they do have accounts. Probably don’t after the backlash from pinning those pointless BotW build articles.

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Assassin’s Creed Nexus VR Review - Virtual Reality Done Right | Terminal Gamer

TG writes: The Assassin's Creed franchise has been around a long time, and its newest addition lets you take on the Templars in virtual reality. Should you take the leap and dive into this VR game, or should you leave this one to history?

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generic-user-name1d ago

Hoping this makes the leap (of faith) to PSVR2.

jznrpg1d ago

Me too. I’d check out this AC game but the 2D games are stale

Profchaos1d ago

Same but given they use the pass though functionality of the Quest 3 for the animus IIM but holding my breath but they could do without those parts

generic-user-name14h ago

Well it already is out on Q2 which doesn't have MR (I don't think) so I doubt it can't be done.

N4GTG4h ago

The game plays great on the Quest 2 already. If anything, an updated version for the Quest 3 with improved graphics would be awesome.

Petebloodyonion21h ago

It's quite impressive that they were able to make a complete Assassin's Creed game on the Quest2 hardware.
I would love to see a real Quest3 version of the game (with improved graphics).

N4GTG19h ago

The Quest 2 isn't all that weak, but yes, a Quest Pro or Quest 3 only upgraded version would be awesome.

generic-user-name14h ago

I'd prefer a headset that isn't gimped by mobile processing like PSVR2 or Index.

N4GTG4h ago

I played this on the Quest 2. There's no tag for that platform.


PlayStation To Delete A Ton Of TV Shows Users Already Paid For

Sony says Mythbusters and more Discovery TV shows are going away whether you bought them or not.

darthv722d ago

they have no choice... Its the content holders decision and I'd assume this will affect other services as well.

just_looken2d ago (Edited 2d ago )

Not the point they did this in the past and continue to take your money without the end user knowing its not a purchase but a rental. If this was a video game like the all mighty spiderman everyone would flip there shit


Marvel buys spiderman ip pulls every game from ps5 makes it multiplat "remaster" version every sony cult member would riot LOL

Obscure_Observer2d ago

"Marvel buys spiderman ip pulls every game from ps5 makes it multiplat "remaster" version every sony cult member would riot LOL"


MrBeatdown1d 23h ago

"without the end user knowing its not a purchase but a rental."

How dumb do you have to be to not realize the servers for whatever random thing you buy digitally won't be around until the end of time? I know I ain't passing down my Vudu account to my grand kids.

Gamingsince19811d 22h ago

People don't realise that digital content isn't permanent and you never own it ??? Weird because it's in the tos.