Interview on Fort Solis with the Actress for Jessica (Julia Brown)

Interview with Julia Brown, Actress for (Jessica Appleton) in Fort Solis which is a narrative driven horror story set on Mars where things go badly.

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coolbeans100d ago

I feel compelled to critique this structure. In short, it's a stale way to conduct an interview imo. It's more of a static Q+A as though each question came through Julia's voicemail individually and she'd start with "Yeah, umm..." over and over again. You're losing so much dynamism by not having a simple Zoom call in this case. If you don't *like* the camera on your face for these, even short gameplay snippets on a loop with your conversation would be preferable. Just do something where you're able to bounce back and forth - perhaps accidently interrupt each other - instead of this. Take a couple of drinks if you need to loosen up too.


Smash Creator Wanted Rumored Switch 2 Feature on GameCube

Super Smash Bros. creator Masahiro Sakurai describes a feature he wanted about the GameCube controller that may appear on the rumored Switch 2.

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eagle211d 8h ago

It's a "scroll wheel" feature on the controller. Switch 2 rumored to have one.

XiNatsuDragnel1d 2h ago

Scroll wheel would be in line with nintendos uniqueness I find appealing imo.

Rainbowcookie19h ago

Just wish they would lower their prices after games are a few years old. Its hard in countries where the exchange rate kills gaming. 1 game is = to and 1/8 of their paycheck. Hard to play a nice mario when its like that.

0hMyGandhi5h ago

Damn, you guys got mean marios over there?

DazaMc19h ago

It's about time for Arkanoids return!

Brazz18h ago

Scroll Wheel would be very cool. Legit great feature for games that need select skills, itens, weapons, etc.

Tacoboto17h ago

Especially if "next to the triggers" means clickable scroll wheels instead of bumpers/L1R1.

That would be so great for games where those buttons already bring up in-game select wheels

Knightofelemia16h ago

Was not one of my favorite consoles but the shit a person could do with it. A gameboy player was about the reason why I liked the GC. And taking it apart to clean it pretty simple I wish Nintendo would let the gameboy player work on the Switch.

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FF 16 actor criticizes industry job security amid mass lay off "Are we going to get serious?"

“An astonishing year for the video games that have been made, but not necessarily for the industry that it reflects.”

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shinoff21832d ago

But there's layoffs all over. Shop I work at just laid off the entire 3rd shift. We make plastic connectors that go inside electronics. All these companies over ordered during covid cause no one really knew wtf was going on. So we were running 12 to 13 presses now down to 4 if lucky. My point is ismts not just video games. I feel bad for people who've been laid off but I feel worse for people that were machine operators, cashiers, etc.

jwillj2k41d 19h ago

That’s a clear reason why the industry YOURE in is suffering, not an industry where some companies are experiencing record breaking sales and still laying off. This isnt about you.

neutralgamer19921d 16h ago


Issue is gaming revenue and profits are at all time high so executives getting huge bonuses yet those actually doing the work get laid off

shadowknight2031d 15h ago (Edited 1d 15h ago )

I swear only 1 disagreeing with u is the already entitled rich snobs who happen to be on here

Pyrofire951d 10h ago

If they upsized for an influx of order than it was never going to be sustained.

FinalFantasyFanatic1d 4h ago (Edited 1d 4h ago )

There's a lot of companies that are making big profits and still cutting staff, I don't even have enough co-workers to run the departments at the company I work at, and it's a dumpster fire, but they're making bank.


I'm sure I'll have someone disagree with me, but no one is worth millions/tens of millions of dollars and bonus on top of that, I suspect a lot of companies are becoming top heavy, instead of spending money on having people on the bottom that actually ensure the business operates on a day to day basis.

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thorstein1d 22h ago (Edited 1d 22h ago )

With the industry giants making record profits, layoffs are simply greed. You can't have profits without employees. It is interesting that the developers who treat their employees like humans didn't lay anyone off. As these conglomerates get bigger, it will become even more of a gig industry. Profits over people. And then they have the nerve to raise prices. And there isn't a single publisher that layed people off that didn't make an obsene profit this year.

None of them cut upper management.

CrimsonWing691d 22h ago

Can you explain to me how profit margins and dev costs dictate layoffs? Or strategy changes and financial difficulties brought on by inflation, over-hiring, and higher interest rates affect the decision for layoffs?

I’m not taking a jab at you or anything, I’m genuinely asking if you could explain to me how this is corporate greed and the factors that prove it’s absolutely unnecessary to do so for the survival of a company.

Luc201d 22h ago

He won't be able to explain because the argument is nonsensical

thorstein1d 21h ago (Edited 1d 21h ago )

It's a good question.

If you look at CEO pay and realize that CEOs compensation is equal to 200-300 times that of the median employee compensation (72k at Take Two - 120k at Electronic Arts), then you can see that those CEOs can survive (somehow) by being compensated by earning 2-3 times as much as the median employee.

That would save 199-299 jobs PER CEO. EA has 12 members of their Executive team. Cutting one of them via layoffs would save hundreds of jobs.

Of course, these are base salaries and don't include bonuses. In 2023, Andrew Wilson took home 20.66 million. Imagine being able to pay for your child's entire four years of college, buy a home, buy two cars and a vacation home with what you took home in half a month.

But we're led to believe that the "survival" of the company is the "in the chair" dev's fault for making 120K?

As I said, none of the small publishers and devs laid people off.

So the question is more of a moral one. Do you reward the people that made you obsenely rich by keeping them employed in lean times, or do you cut them in order to pay for your 4th vacation home?

Crows901d 19h ago (Edited 1d 19h ago )

I feel bad for CEO's... theyre looked at as entirely expendable by typical gamers who feel they make too much. Even if theyre the ones leading the charge to those horrible profits.

People have no leg to stand on if they are against MTX but then also pro reducing or removing CEO's because of all the profits theyve received from MTX as a reason to state that the company can survive without the indivudals leading the charge to the same profits that should supposedly let them continue to keep employees employed but without the individuals leading the company to make those profits.

CEO makes profits happen through bad practices people disagree with. Inflation occurs and then they lay off employees. People get upset those employees were laid off after getting all those profits from those bad practices that are suddenly the reason for removing the CEO which is the individual who made those profits happen.

Anyone here seen time machine?

11h ago
MrDead1d 17h ago (Edited 1d 17h ago )

If you think it's bad now just wait and see what happens if MS's gamepass model becomes successful, just like the movie industry everyone but CEO's and shareholders will get f****d because the subscription model lets you cut out the workforce from fair pay... probably why MS is pushing so hard for it

anast1d 22h ago

Actor criticizing something, but does nothing about it...The story is getting old.