Starfield Early Access: Everything You Need to Know

Starfield Early Access is right around the corner, check out everything players need to know for dates, times and how to get it.

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4Sh0w280d ago

Ah love to watch the excitement build for a highly anticipated game. Not long now.

PhillyDillyDee281d ago

Lol so you can just pay $30 to get the game 5 days early. Cant wait for this trend to catch on… I can see it now: game cost $70 and comes out in a month OR you can pay an extra $50 and play it a MONTH EARLY!!!

With loot boxes on the way out and people getting inundated with live services and battle passes, im thinking we will start seeing paid early access or “betas” more and more.

AzhmirGTA281d ago

Are you new to the scene? Early access has always been a thing, even outside of the gaming world. The price difference is not JUST for early access too, you get future expansion, skinpack, artbook, etc.

HyperMoused281d ago

Ive noticed this too, another is also releasing the digital version way earlier than the physical version.

TheColbertinator281d ago

That has already been going on. Call of Duty has had 10 day early access campaigns for years and the same goes for EA Play

JeffGUNZ280d ago

It's not just for early access. The premium addition includes skins, sound/art, and the first expansion.

Soulsborne280d ago

Has been the norm for years now....? I guess you just got into the gaming scene lmao

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BrainSyphoned281d ago

Got to love selling cut content from the game before release.


Starfield's recent player spike is good, but it needs its Cyberpunk 2077 moment now

Starfield's recent player spike is a good sign, but Bethesda desperately need to line up their Cyberpunk 2077 moment.

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ZeekQuattro5d ago

I feel like the second big update that releases late this year will do just that. Part of the story expansion is also new means of transportation on planets.

P_Bomb5d ago

A good DLC could turn some heads. The Destiny games got momentum that way too.

piher5d ago

What player spike?

I checked steamcharts through the link in the article and it went from 8,000 to 11.500, so yea 20% but when the game peaked at 330,000 It's safe to say that the actual effect of this update was negligible.

LostPotato5d ago

Doubt it'll ever get redemption. As many developers have said in various interviews it's beyond saving.

Just release the mod tools and expansion and move on.

Profchaos4d ago

Cyberpunk 2077 had some strong bones i disliked it on launch because I could see the potential I could see the strengths of what they wanted to achieve but it wasn't done yet

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Starfield fans want mech piloting added after Bethesda teases "major features on the horizon"

Starfield fans are asking Bethesda to introduce mech piloting to the game after it teaser "major features" on the horizon.

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Jingsing5d ago

They didn't get the memo the game is dead and the Bethesdabots only want magic and fantasy.

Boy_the_CowRoy4d ago

Starfield fans? The game only has 9 thousand current players, worldwide! As a company you cannot waste time on creating "Major features", it is simply not profitable. Just move on.


This Fan Just Turned Starfield Into Star Wars By Installing Over 100 Dedicated Mods

The YouTuber DeityVengy has transformed Starfield into an open-world Star Wars RPG, or The Mandalorian, with over a hundred mods.