Footage of the first 30 minutes of Starfield has leaked online

Amasr writes: "The first 30 minutes of Starfield have leaked online, so we'd advise steering well clear of spoilers on different websites."

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Jin_Sakai274d ago (Edited 274d ago )

Animations actually look great. Excited to see how it reviews.

shinoff2183273d ago

I'm so tempted to look but I'd rather break my cherry by myself

InUrFoxHole273d ago

I got you man... you're not going to be disappointed. Strap in a prepare for money well spent. What version did you get?

Obscure_Observer273d ago


"I'm so tempted to look but I'd rather break my cherry by myself"


Not watching any leaked footage before experience the game myself. We won´t have to wait much longer anyway.

4Sh0w273d ago

Same guys, it hurts but I will not look, I was told there's been some fake leaks too but it don't matter, first time I will see it is on my big screen with my controller in hand.

seanpitt23273d ago

What I saw was a last gen game with good lighting... what do you expect the game has been in development for over a decade some things will look dated!

RaidenBlack273d ago

SMH whilst looking at the downvotes for this simple comment

Charlieboy333273d ago (Edited 273d ago )

I know you aren't talking about facial animations because they are utter CRAP. Unless your idea of 'great' is just eyebrows that randomly jump up and down, eyes that blink and mouths moving out of sync. No other facial movement.

purple101273d ago

You can make out facial animation quality from a iPhone recording off a screen? Not even lined up properly?

Also apparently I don't know, but people saying it was on series s...

So maybe just maybe there is better to come on series x version. Unlikely but I wouldn't eput it part them..

Ohh no - actually, scrap that comment... 'Console parity'... and all that jazz

Gunstar75272d ago

34 bitter downvotes

Don't you just love it

Rocketisleague272d ago (Edited 272d ago )

Looks like fallout 3 in space, not even fallout 4. Graphics are good though especially lighting, animations are particularly Last gen but eh who cares. Combat looks atrocious as always, you'd think with the slayings of action rogs over rhe last 8 years Bethesda would try improve the combat by now.

Called the loading screen a while back, can't believe they made a space game with loading screens everywhere again. That engine needs to die.

To those saying 'not going to be disappointed'...when is the last time bestheada have made a good game? For me I didn't even like skyrim or fallout 3. I liked new Vegas, but that was obsidian(god that company got fked so hard by publishers in the past, especially Bethesda and EA)

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sparky77273d ago

The third person animations look amazing, that extra year really paid off.

purple101273d ago

Deffo did yes. They thew the kitchen sink at this; and it appears to be sticking.

yarbie1000273d ago

Video shows terrible AI that is on par with Redfall where dude was out in the middle with no cover and AI still couldn't hit him. Also saw tons of loading screens, even inside your ship if you just simply climb up a ladder. Also long loading animation to watch your ship lift off the planet and then it jumps to just sitting still in space. Still getting it, but the leak did the game no favors and my expectations have been lowered

IGN 10/10

shinoff2183273d ago

Even with all that, ever play xcom2. One of my personal best games last Gen. Frame rate dips are common. Loading screens are long. Still a Hell of a game. I'm not worried about starfield. Some complaints I see are just seeming like having to have something to complain about. Game looks amazing and sounds like this sci fi nuts dream come true. As a Sony fan mostly it's a shame they seem to not care about rpgs these days

solideagle273d ago (Edited 273d ago )

I abandoned Xcom 2 because of loading. It was first time playing that genre and I kept dying or was too perfectionist to load the game if character dies. Atrocious loading, I hoped they would patch it for PS5 but it never happened. I think game was fantastic but I never completed it :(

Rocketisleague272d ago

Agreed about sony, they ficus on cinematic games mostly. But hey at least they're generally fun. I just sit around waiting for 3rd parties to. nnovate in gameplay

-Foxtrot273d ago (Edited 273d ago )

The loading screens are what annoyed me, especially in the ship. Load the whole damn ship so I can freely move around it

It’s like in Elder Scrolls or Fallout when you had to load into a city then load into a small house. It got annoying after a while l with how frequent you travel between places for side missions.

Remember the small missions in Skyrim with the Thieves Guild. Oooft.

azedean273d ago

Because it is still the same engine updated since oblivion (gamebryo).

kambeix273d ago

Do you mean the 1 second black screen when entering the ship? Yes, it could be seamless, but come on, it's not like a 10, or even 5 second load time

anast273d ago

It's had those 10s in the chamber since the initial announcement. They probably already wrote the basic structure of the reviews, a few years ago, with some blanks they need to fill in after playing it for 15 minutes.

Visceral89273d ago

Starfield needs that PS5 SSD with 12 priority levels

ChasterMies273d ago

No joke. Fallout 4 and Skyrim instantly became better games on PS5. If you are building a gaming PC, pay more for the faster SSD. Money well spent.

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shadowT273d ago

This videos is poorly recorded and Starfield is maybe only running on a Xbox Series S.

ABizzel1273d ago (Edited 273d ago )

It’s not native 4K on Series X, it runs at a weird resolution on Series X of 1296p upscaled to 4K using FSR2.0 (hence why it’s likely an AMD exclusive feature) which is why it also looks a little blurred. FSR2 is good at upscaling 1440p to 4K, but lower resolutions it starts to blur a bit, not to mention digital foundry and most outlets have been reviewing the Series X only version.

The Series S version is likely 900p or even lower upscaled to 1440p, and will probably be super blurry.