Book of Hours PC Review | NoobFeed

NoobFeed editor Atilla Turan writes - Book of Hours, with its narrative and properly implemented story elements, is what a dedicated CRPG fan is looking for. It is not too excessive nor too flashy on the eyes. Simplistic design, loveable characters, a huge map to play on, and complete freedom of the protagonist allow the player to freely choose their own way of getting themselves back on track.

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Book of Hours Review — The Gamer's Lounge

If you let this game in, you will lose whole weeks to its engrossing depth and complex interactions. It’s a beautiful expanse of a game that stretches outward from the vertical slice seen during NextFest, and it demands you invite it in.

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Book of Hours Preview/Demo Impressions: The Thinnest, Tastiest Vertical Slice (The Gamer's Lounge)

Book of Hours arrives in full resplendence this June for PC. If this is the (admittedly thin) vertical slice we’re getting so far. This preview shows a game that could have a lot of potential for fans of the genre.

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