Microids reveal new Flashback 2 trailer for Xbox, PlayStation, Switch and PC

Microids, in collaboration with the game’s original developer, have released a brand new trailer for Flashback 2 on Xbox and more

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SimpleSlave316d ago

While I will no doubt get it, it's still extremely disappointing that they didn't at least try to translate the original Art Style into 3D. It seems like they are mighty allergic to an extremely unique and iconic art style. Even Fade to Black tried.

This, just like the remake, looks like a nice looking Unreal Asset Flip. You know the ones. Pretty at first then pretty forgettable after five minutes.

Still, hopefully the game is fun at the very least.

Phlacky315d ago

Should have stuck with the original vector graphics. This just looks generic to me.


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Wide in vision, but narrow in delivery.

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Despite an intriguing set-up, the follow-up to the 1992 classic falters in almost every way, to say nothing of its various bugs.

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OtterX210d ago

Ouch. I'd rather them leave our nostalgia alone than half ass it, trample on it. Thanks for the warning.

autobotdan210d ago

The greatest game of all time confirmed


Flashback 2 Review | TheSixthAxis

Flashback 2 aims to revive the Amiga classic game for a new generation, but can its mix of combat and neon-filed visuals pull it off?

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