Why Sega Doesn't Care When Sonic Sucks

It's the money, stupid. And enough gamers buy crappy Sonic games for Sega not to care, according to an anonymous Sega employee. Boss Rush was an anonymous blog, currently deleted, run by someone who actually turned out to be Sonic Europe employee Ben Andac (who is no longer with the company).

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Yi-Long4275d ago

... we already knew Sega didnt give a **** (hoot) about Sonic, or it's fans.

The best Sonics were Sonic 1, Sonic 2, and Sonic CD. After that, it went downhill.

I still really hope for Sega going back to 2d sprite-based Sonic PLATFORMER (not a 2D racer that's boring as hell, Sega!), but I doubt it will ever happen. We'll probably have to make do with unofficial 2D Sonic platformers.

(BTW, that site gives me an annoying pop-up about firefox or something, while I'm not even browsing with firefox...)

interrergator4275d ago

i miss those days but sonic unleashed was pretty fun just too many wherehog stages

LokMessier4275d ago

Hopefully Sonic will go the route megaman went and go back to the routes. A PSN, WiiWare, and XBL title would sure be a lot better than the unleashed stuff that we recently received.

In all honesty the day stages are fun, I've played the demo maybe six times total, but the night stages are where it's dragged down. It's like Sega just loves making something look so remarkably good that soon they will drag it down with something that shouldn't be there.

interrergator4275d ago

lok messier i enjoyed the wherehog stages i wish they were sort of even out i have the wii version kicks @ss

Ryudo4275d ago

Sonic 2HD would be awesome

LokMessier4275d ago

Werehog stages looked nice for a bit of the time when I first saw the trailer and game play; but...I heard that the levels were unbalanced. Meaning there were more werehog stages than their were sonic stages, also did the Wii have more werehog stages or was it about the same still?

ChickeyCantor4275d ago

instead of sonic 3 you said sonic CD?
Sonic CD was the starter where Sega went wrong!

interrergator4275d ago

lok messier i only have the wii version which i think is alot better that the 360 version and yea more wherehog stages stays the same

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SSCOOLCHEA4275d ago (Edited 4275d ago )

look at the wiiiiiiiiii...retarded azz games for the stupid to buy...

wii sports 40 million . what a fkn joke in gaming history and the yahoos at yahoo is proud writing a story like that...fkn idiots . i have never seen any kids play that game just retarded azz adults showing off "" hey look am playing videogames " oh s.t.f.u.

tda-danny4275d ago

While I dont disagree entirely with what you saying... theres a reason you only have one bubble

AWBrawler4275d ago

good you got that out your system. do you feel better now? you're like that one guy standing outside the theatre when the original star wars launched screaming "it sucks don't watch it!" Too late. Wii know what we like.

Ldubbz4275d ago

To think about is Sonic games are primarily aimed at a younger demographic than most of us on here belong to, so what we see as bad or good that age range isnt probably even aware of.

Now that doesnt mean they cant satisfy both groups at once, but there simply is no need to include features or bells and whistles that most people playing the game wont even appreciate.

Yi-Long4275d ago

1: The first Sonic games (the 2d sprite-based ones) were fun to play for EVERYONE. not just the young and easily pleased, but also the older generations lapped it up. it was perfect, and can even be enjoyed today.

2: Just because you aim your games at a very young demographic, doesnt mean they should release BAD games. There are many games that also 'aim' at a young demograhic, but also appeal to the older people, like Ratchet and Clank, Zack and Wiki, Mario, etc etc.

Just because kids are YOUNG, doesnt mean they're stupid.

Aclay4275d ago (Edited 4275d ago )

Sonic was one of the major flagship mascots for Sega back when they were in the console business and to me they are only disrespecting Sonic's legacy by continuing to churn out less than stellar Sonic games.

I was never a Sonic fan and I've only played a few Sonic games that were on the Sega Genesis, but I think that Sega should take the Sonic series back to the Sonic Adventure roots. I remember I watched a friend play Sonic Adventure on his Dreamcast many years ago and it looked really fun. And on top of that, Sonic Adventure got good review scores.

If Sega was still in the Console business, I think that they would actually care about the Sonic franchise, but since they aren't, it's like Sonic is just a money train... that's just sad.

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