Report: Armored Core 6 Multiplayer to Support Up to 6 Players Per Game Box

Armored Core 6 multiplayer (PvP) will feature up to six players according to the game's Japanese retail box case.

jznrpg305d ago

I don’t play multiplayer very much at all but I may give this a go when I’m confident in my skills and played the hell of out the single player.

anast305d ago

I touched PvP in Dark Souls III, It was fun for a few hours. I'm going to day 1 this, I just hope they don't shaft PvE players to make PvP players happy. I haven't played Elden Ring since they nerfed my 100 hr. character to balance PvP.


Almost A Year Later, Armored Core 6 Comes Across As Sekiro's Rebellious Brother

Armored Core 6 is the modern, action-packed mecha game that deviates from the Soulsbornes formula orchestrated by Hidetaka Miyazaki.


From Software Parent Company's Profits Drop, but Armored Core Surprises

From Software parent company Kadokawa has released its financials for the year, and while profits are down, Armored Core has performed surprisingly well.

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zaanan14d ago

In other words, FromSoft is kicking ass; other Kadokawa game companies, not so much.

savedsynner14d ago

Name another company that has ever released only games worthy of a 90+ score for over a decade? starting with Demon's Souls, nothing but 90+s...even DS2 was a great game.

Ataraxias14d ago

Princess Peach Showtime is currently in the mid 70s

esherwood14d ago

Fromsoft is one of the few good guys left

FinalFantasyFanatic13d ago

I hope we get another AC game in the future or some DLC, I don't think we'll see DLC though. At the shizuoka hobby show they apparently announced a heap of AC model kits, even from older games like AC3.


Armored Core 6 Sales Performed "Beyond Expectations" Last Quarter According to Kadokawa

According to parent company Kadokawa, Armored Core 6 sales performed "beyond expectations" at the end of last year, as did Elden Ring sales.

XiNatsuDragnel106d ago (Edited 106d ago )

Good game excited for 7

FinalFantasyFanatic105d ago

I loved it, no surprise it did well because there's nothing like it and the fans have been starved of a new game for 10 years. It also helps that the game is fun and complete, no DLC/micro transactions or season passes either, which is typical of From Software games, I can't wait for Armored Core 7!

UltimateOwnage104d ago

Its a fantastic game. It plays great on my Deck as well, so its an equally amazing portable game. No IAP's, no online requirement, just raw, exciting gameplay. The way games used to be. More of this, and they will get my day-1 money instead of waiting for sales to buy in.