Starfield fans think game's exploration will be better than Skyrim

With Starfield just around the corner fans can't wait to explore everything the game has to offer in just under two months.

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Markdn309d ago

Well can't be any worse let's face it :), and I mean when it launch it' was a nightmare of glitches and bug which ruin the exploration lol.

Christopher309d ago

I mean, with the number of planets and locations, I think it goes without saying. Essentially it's a larger game world and will have more to explore by the nature of its design alone, right?

4Sh0w309d ago (Edited 309d ago )

I agree with you, with small caveats & strongly disagree with Markdn, Skyrim was initially buggy no doubt but it hardly ruined the exploration experience...hell it still had bugs for years too, still great. -That said I'm hoping the extra QC Microsoft is doing with Starfield will iron out majority of bugs, but I'm sure a game this big won't be perfectly bug/glitch free. As for comparing exploration between the 2, again I agree with Chris, but the small difference I would say is that yes as he described its scope is bigger but that doesnt naturally mean it will be BETTER as the title implies, although I think it will be.

I dont know why this is news though. lol, especially given actual news I submitted was failed for "because it's been discussed before" - yeah by users but it was the of the first official report from the source -10yr deal signed, but whatever, lol

raWfodog309d ago

Also, Starfield will have mod support from the beginning unlike Skyrim. There will likely be a few mods available at launch with much more to come as the modders get a firsthand look at all the ways that they can improve the game.

lucian229309d ago

High doubts considering how many empty worlds there will be and how many small zones in planets there are.

Sonic1881309d ago

Should be on the same level as No man sky

lucian229309d ago

not even close sadly; there isn't even seamless transitions on planets lol

Sonic1881309d ago

Digital foundry lied about the Xbox version of Starfield


ChronoJoe309d ago

I think it will feature a different type of exploration given its procedurally generated. Probably much lower density and unique value of points of interest but at the same time your stories and experiences will still be more unique.

closed_account309d ago (Edited 309d ago )

What's with these articles? This is the equivalent of "Xbox fans think Gamepass will be better than Playstation plus this next year". I really don't think random people's comments are news worthy. cl1983 actually failed this story, only for it to be resurrected. I find it really odd that Christopher submitted this, because I would have thought he'd be the last person to push a story like this. I think someone's hacked his account! 😂

*Edit - ahh, the story has the little BGFG logo on the bottom. Makes sense now. Corporate pressure.

isarai309d ago (Edited 309d ago )

Yeah these "fans say" articles are beyond bottom of the barrel. Literally make an entire article based off 1 or 2 random social media comments from absolute nobodies.

cammers1995309d ago (Edited 309d ago )

Literally this.

Some random site like Video Games sees a tweet from some random dude with 2 followers and thinks it's worth building an article off. Then submits it the a site like n4g.

cammers1995309d ago (Edited 309d ago )

Lol. Until todd Howard is fired or Microsoft intervenes anything on Bethesdas engines will be a buggy mess.

Todd Howard has been holding them back for years. So has the creation engine which they've been using for more than 15 years. It's the same engine they have been using since oblivion, fallout 3, Skyrim, etc. It was originally proprietary of another company, then they forked it and renamed it creation engine for Skyrim onward, but it's still the same engine chugging along since 2006. Sad but true.

closed_account309d ago

Yea, sadly the npcs still look jank as ever. I still manage to have fun in Bethesda games, but I always go in w lowered expectations.

4Sh0w309d ago (Edited 309d ago )


Saying its the same engine, is like saying Unreal4 & Unreal5 are the same engine, yeah because rarely do devs scrap everything & completely start over, no they usually build upon an existing framework.

Creation Engine 2:
"new features and systems that previous gaming hardware couldn’t support will be a major element behind the engine’s upgrade, along with a number of welcome bug fixes."

Some new features are:
-Uses advanced high-resolution photogrammetry textures for in-game worlds
-High-end motion capture technology
-Emphasis on smooth frame rates and 4K visuals
-Tweaks on physics systems
-New lighting and graphics tech
-Built for next-gen consoles

-So you are objectively wrong, its not the *same engine since 2006.

dumahim309d ago

I agree with you that it's misplaced to blame the use of the same engine, since most engines get iterated on over time and not scrapped and rebuilt from scratch (anymore), but that list of "new" features doesn't seem very impressive.
Do you need to make changes to the game engine to use photogrametry textures?
Same with motion capture technology. Not to mention that there doesn't appear to be a whole lot of decent looking mo-cap anyway. They mo-capped basic animations?
Emphasis on frame rates.... lol
Physics, lighting and graphics improvements is just standard fare for a new version of a game engine.

4Sh0w309d ago (Edited 309d ago )

"Do you need to make changes to the game engine to use photogrametry textures?"

-Well yes, because it depends on how in depth or important you think it is to push that aspect beyond the limitations of the old engine.

-Same for everything else you mentioned, without knowing the limits or cap of the original engine & targets for future games you're not in any position to say what's needed for the new engine. Sure you can laugh and be *unimpressed, thats your opinion BUT Digital Foundry did a great preview anlysis, they were impressed, many gamers including myself liked what we saw and came away thinking whatever they've done with Starfield/Creation Engine2 looks great so far, so again to be clear it's NOT the *same engine but thanks for your opinion.

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