Xbox Live Gold Seemingly Ending in September

Xbox Game Pass has long been one of the better deals in gaming, but Microsoft also has Xbox Live Gold, which has led to some confusion for players in the past. Now, it seems like Xbox Live Gold might be going away on September 1, moving subscribers over to an Xbox Game Pass subscription to get everything in one place.

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maniacmayhem374d ago

*This appears to be very similar to the current Xbox Live Gold offering but is replacing Games With Gold with the catalog.*

Good, GWG was trash and a joke. But it will be just as big of a joke if they just offer you trash from the GP catalog.

darthv72374d ago

Many [here] have been saying they should sunset GwG. Well.... here it is.

GhostScholar373d ago

If you think there’s only trash in game pass you must just not like video games…….

All Bethesda games, yakuza series, like a dragon, all halo games, all gears games, forza horizon series, a plethora of great indies, etc it’s cool that you are a Sony fan, but don’t be such a silly goose and use at least a smidge of honesty.

Kerppamaister373d ago

If the games they listed are all trash then your opinion doesn't matter.

LucasRuinedChildhood374d ago (Edited 374d ago )

Game Pass Core sounds like a big improvement over Gold ... but I assume this also means the end of the conversion deal :(

porkChop374d ago

Yeah it's a big improvement for the same amount of money. This is good news for XBLG subscribers.

Si-Fly373d ago

Glad I did three years of Gamepass for £110 in May 💪🏻

LoveSpuds373d ago (Edited 373d ago )

Better timing than mine then chief. I believed the hype and bought my Series X almost two years ago which came with two years of GP Ultimate. In that time I played Horizon 5 and HiFi Rush but otherwise, high quality 1st party stuff has been non existent and I've instead replayed older games such as the Gears of War titles etc.

I am now in a spot where my subscription ends in September and I must decide whether to renew or not. I simply cannot justify subscribing for the only potentially worthwhile release they have in Starfield. My plan is to wait till they have a catalogue of 1st party releases that make it worthwhile for me to splash the cash.

XiNatsuDragnel374d ago

So free online? If so that would be major W for Microsoft.

Jin_Sakai374d ago (Edited 374d ago )

No. GWG is being replaced with Game Pass Core.

Online console multiplayer
Catalog of over 25 high-quality games on console
Member deals & discounts


maniacmayhem374d ago

That should have been the case. There's zero reason to keep MP behind a paid wall for consoles.

Godmars290373d ago

Only MS has done so since the beginning.

I mean, can Fortnite be played on Xbox w/o online subscription?

Jin_Sakai373d ago

I agree. Even worse that Sony locks cloud saves behind a paywall which Microsoft doesn’t.

Asplundh373d ago


It took them awhile, but yes F2P games are no longer locked behind a subscription.

BlackTar187373d ago (Edited 373d ago )

The guy just compared cloud saves to online gaming and says even worse . Lmao clown world

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TheColbertinator374d ago

I only game on PC now but I wonder what this means for Xbox.

Profchaos373d ago (Edited 373d ago )

If the gwg core rumour is true I wonder what the 25 games will be Microsoft first party only? That might be a good deal I never touch 99 percent of the Indies they shovel onto the service

sertz373d ago (Edited 373d ago )

I would have to agree. I feel it will be a month to month basis, and based on individual gamepass owner votes. Which games they would like to come to the forefront. IF that is the case I'm all for it. It is a better deal for Gold only owners, and gamepass owners still get the full library of other games to choose from for a bit of a premium price.

I have been month to month with gamepass since it came out, and I applaud Microsoft for their notifications letting me know it will update soon. I can cancel ahead of time if no gamepass titles interest me, and I can cancel then switch to gamepass for a few months before a new big release comes out (hello Hi-Fi Rush!) then cancel again.

It sounds like a bad move up front, but looking at the prices it's a very good deal for all people involved.

dumahim373d ago

Only updates a few times a year, so you're going to go months with no change. $1 more for full game pass, I don't really see the point of this other than to make GWG people pay more.