Microsoft ends Game Pass Family subscriptions

On August 15, 2023, the Xbox Game Pass Friends & Family preview program will end.

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Christopher335d ago

"... as we review what we’ve learned over the past several months and investigate how to build an offer which we can launch worldwide."

That could mean practically anything, including doing absolutely nothing. And it might be a coincidence, but this comes out right as the ABK deal moves into finalizing the merger territory.

rippermcrip335d ago

Nothing is my guess. It would be dumb of them to kick people off the program and then later tell them to sign up again.

This is just another cost cutting measure. It made no sense to allow any random people to sign up together.

Godmars290335d ago

"Cost saving" when ending a program meant to save families money?

More like they're trying to get family subscribers to do so alone, now that some are supposedly hooked.

darthv72335d ago

"Preview".... they are killing the preview to make it a regular option.

4Sh0w335d ago

It was a temporary "preview" program, so that they could gather user data, its set to expire, of course so they can decide if it's a profitable model, lol nothing really hard to understand.

porkChop335d ago

Probably a coincidence considering they've already had to increase the cost of GP. The family sub was likely being abused so it's not surprising they'd get rid of it and look for a better option.

raWfodog335d ago (Edited 335d ago )

“ Share the fun of Game Pass with friends and family
Share all Xbox Game Pass Ultimate benefits among 5 family members and friends to enjoy hundreds of games together. Each member will enjoy a personalized experience where every account has its own gaming history, achievements, gamertag, saves, and built-in preferences. Geographic restrictions may apply.”

I don’t think it was being abused. It was just allowing up to five different accounts to use one GPU plan. Now they want everyone to get their own plan because they want more revenue. But if they are giving out free codes to the participants then it probably won’t cost the users anything to continue. I’m curious if they will use this to inflate new GP subscription numbers.

shinoff2183335d ago

I'm not sure how it worked. Was it like me and my son could use the same gamepass and now we cant?

1Victor335d ago

I smell a Netflix solution “NO FREEBIES” everyone have to buy their subscription.

Christopher335d ago

I mean, that's just good business sense. I don't want my account that I don't give out for free to increase in price because they have to adjust everyone's monthly price to account for those who do.

bunt-custardly334d ago

@christopher, that's a really glass half empty angle to take amigo.

Prime157334d ago (Edited 334d ago )

Christopher, that's incredibly short-sighted...

Like, the disabled get disability benefits (it's an insurance system), are you trying to take that away?

It's always ironic to me when someone holds such a jealous world view. Like, then you become disabled 10 years after voting against it due to a freak accident (or gain a family/friends to share the pass with)... And now you only have yourself to blame.

Although, my experience with that short -sightedness is that they never have the mental capacity to realize they screwed themselves.

Christopher334d ago (Edited 334d ago )

***that's a really glass half empty angle to take amigo.***

That's literally economics. If they have to account for users utilizing a service they don't pay for but use up their resources to use it, then who do you think the costs are going to be passed onto? Do you think they're just going to eat those costs up? That's not how it works. They have to account for those lost potential subscriptions and the increased costs to provide that service to more people on a single account.

Profit margins need to be met. That's just how business works. You can disagree with that, but it's also one of the reasons we continue to see subscription model price increases at the rate that we have now.

***Like, the disabled get disability benefits (it's an insurance system), are you trying to take that away?***

Did you just compare a social service to a private company product? Who is the disabled here? Are you saying that because other people can't afford their own subscriptions to a luxury service, not a necessity for living, I should pay more? Are you also then willing to pay more for your games than others in this scenario? You and I, we'll pay $90 for our games, and others will just pay $50 for theirs? Is that what you're saying should happen? Not only would I pay more in taxes, I'd also pay more for the same product put out by a private company that isn't a necessity?

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raWfodog335d ago (Edited 335d ago )

To me, it obviously sounds like they want everyone who was utilizing the Family and Friends GP plan to now get their own individual subscriptions. They obviously want to increase their GP revenue even more moving forward, especially with Starfield set to release in September.

Give people a little taste to draw them in, and then take it away, making the ones that want to keep going pay full price.

raWfodog335d ago

It sounds like they will be giving codes away to the people who participated so that they can get their own GPU accounts. Don’t know if it’s free or not though. Just may be a way to increase GPU subscription numbers

Inverno335d ago

Call of Duty will soon be on the service, unless it's already on there. They gotta get as many individuals signing up, not a coincidence at all.

fr0sty335d ago

Digging through the couch for loose change...

Sonic1881334d ago

Another price increase incoming

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Hofstaderman335d ago

So it begins. You cheered for this sort of thing, now live with it.

aconnellan335d ago

Cheered for what sort of thing? This was a preview program, a beta, was it not?

InUrFoxHole335d ago

Same gamer that swore they would never pay for psn

CrimsonWing69334d ago

He's mentioning the ABK acquisition, which has nothing to do with family sharing, but I suppose anything "negative" to come from Microsoft/Xbox will have comments directly referencing the ABK acquisition, because... well, sh*t, I can't explain idiotism. I just know you can't underestimate the predicability of stupidity.

Cockney334d ago

They will and when they're paying 4X the amount for one household they'll still bleat on about gamepass day 1 best deal in gaming

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