How to Use External Controllers on the Asus ROG Ally

This Asus Rog Ally guide will show how to use external controllers such as the Xbox Series or DualSense with the ROG Ally when using it while docked.

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Holiday Gift Ideas for Asus ROG Ally Owners

Several Holiday Gift Ideas for the Asus ROG Ally handheld gaming PC from The Outerhaven.

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Exclusive Images: This is the Lenovo Legion Go Gaming Handheld

Lenovo is working on a new handheld gaming console to go up against Steam Deck and Rog Ally, and we've got exclusive images with it!

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andy85104d ago

Doesn't look very comfortable to hold. Stick and buttons right at the top. Surely it'll feel like you're just gripping the top of it.

stoney101104d ago

Clearly never seen a steam deck then?

__SteakDeck__104d ago

@stoney101 It’s obvious you’ve never held a Steam Deck. Lol Even though it’s a little heavy, it’s the most comfortable handheld I’ve ever held. There are others who also agree with my sentiment.

andy85104d ago

This looks a fair bit bigger than a steam deck.

JEECE104d ago


I mean, I love many things about the Steam Deck, but it's a pretty big stretch to act like it's comfortable to hold compared to older, smaller handhelds with a similar form factor like GBA, PSP, Vita, or even Switch Lite. It's a pretty chunky device.

Lorshna2022104d ago

Yeah steam deck is comfortable for some, but for me it gives me huge strain in my fingers. Its not really suitable for small hands. I have to choose between using the analogue sticks or the triggers since I cant reach both at the same time. Very very annoying. I only use it for none shooters now.

Neonridr104d ago

@_SteakDeck_ I think stoney knows what a Steam Deck is. andy85 is the one who doesn't understand how to hold these things.

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andy85104d ago

@neon I own a Rog Ally and even that makes the hands ache because of the position of everything after a while. This is even larger.


I’ll pass. I have a Deck and an Ally that’s enough for me. Ally does EXACTLY what I need it to do.


ASUS ROG Ally Handheld Console PC Review

The ASUS ROG Ally can run games beautifully when it works correctly, however, poor battery life and a need for constant tinkering take it out of the running for average users.

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I’ve never enjoyed handheld gaming until I got this. Even my Steam Deck takes a backseat to the Ally. I keep it right next to my bed plugged in on Turbo mode. It does require some Windows know how but once past that small hurdle it’s smooth sailing.

bfrye26111d ago

I liked it a lot when I reviewed it. The only issue is for people that are not tech-savvy, it could be a bit tedious, and the battery life really let me down. I love the unit all said though.