Fans of Control’s incredible ‘Ashtray Maze’ setpiece are going to love Alan Wake 2

If you’re a fan of how Remedy folds music into its games, you’re going to have a great time in Alan Wake 2.

Christopher142d ago

I kind of hope not, it was a visual effect halfway with progressive enemies and that was it. Please instead focus on making it as good as Control's main story and gameplay and I think we're good

Knushwood Butt142d ago

Played some more of the Alan Wake remake today. Think I'm up to the end of chapter 3.

It's OK.
The audio is about the only stand out area for me.

Also the JP version doesn't have an option just to play in English, so there's a weird hotchpotch of English in some scenes and Japanese in others. Why???

Stanjara140d ago

I'm not impressed at all with AW remake.
If they make a True detective game where investigation goes horribly wrong I will be interested.

If the darkness posseses objects like barrels and bridges I will hard pass.

plexdk140d ago (Edited 140d ago )

its not a remake - its a remaster (from pc), with better textures and so on.


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